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Marketing in 2013 Learn from the salmon swimming upstream PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
What does being in the marketing discipline and a salmon swimming upstream have in common? I give the salmon a lot more chance of successfully making it than most marketeers. What does this mean for today’s marketeer? What are the key components to focus on? Is salmon as good for you as they say it is?

There are three distinct avenues converging in the marketing world today, 1) the need to provide ROI on all marketing initiatives and to prove out the value and worth of a campaign or a purchase of marketing automation (more on this later), 2) tracking a client (B2B) or customer (B2C) is increasingly more complex as more and more channels become available for them to traverse, 3) the procurement of tools that can measure “your” needs and deliver the information you need continues to become more confusing. 

So, you can see why I felt that the salmon has a better chance of success. 

In reality, though the challenges and the value proposition have changed, the journey is not as upstream as I may have lead on. 

The good thing is that companies are tying ROI to marketing initiatives, campaigns, and purchases; this is what all other units in a company have been dealing with. This provides validity on what is happening and it creates a direct connection from the top-line to the bottom-line, and in the end, it is better to have a baseline to reference versus subjective conversation. 

With respect to tracking customers, this may be more like traveling upstream, but get use to it, this is the tsunami of the future. When you confront television service providers touting access to over 500 stations or the ability to record 10 shows at once, we know that channel marketing continues to be distilled to a point of creating a lack of attention by the consumer. So, as a marketeer, do not get frustrated, you need to get focused. 

Concerning marketing automation, this is almost an oxymoron. The term marketing automation implies that you are automating what you have historically done in marketing. This could not be further from reality. What we are doing is interjecting automation into marketing as a new process to provide access to data to be converted into information for our use in campaigns and initiatives; we are not automating what we did, we are adding automation as a new tool.  

So, ROI is not a bad thing, it actually is, as I noted, a good thing to have in your back pocket if you have done your homework and measured your programs. Concerning B2B and B2C, where and how the customer finds information will continue to morph into new channels and options, this is a reality we have to deal with, but with that said, you know what it is, so do not fight it, go with the flow. 

Now we have the automation part to deal with, I purposely removed the word marketing. This does have its own inherent challenges as more and more niche solution providers surface, and just as fast they are acquired by a bigger entity who tries to create an aggregated solution to offer. You are not automating marketing history, you are automating your future, you are automating data so that you can distill and parse it in to manageable information. In some cases you will need to make business assumptions on your customers so that you can maintain a level of control over the direction and the volume of data being distilled and parsed, otherwise you could end up with too much to manage. As you get to know your customer, you can refine the process and thus make better judgments as they pertain to selecting and managing automation solutions. The most important component is getting to know your customer so you can refine the distilling and parsing in to manageable information. 

Just like the salmon that makes one movement upstream at a time to conserve energy, a Marketeer needs to integrate automation into their plans one step at a time. There needs to be a balance between data capturing and ROI measuring or you will end up with “paralysis by analysis.” 

Lastly, yes, salmon is good for you. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please visit Luxury Experience Company ( to see how we can make a marketing difference for your company. 

We thank you for your continued support of Luxury Experience, and as always, your comments are welcome, so please send comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

© October 2013. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved. 

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