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Entrepreneurs - I Salute You! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Passion, Dedication, Desire, and sometimes Blind Ambition - The Spirit of the Entrepreneur.

Wikipedia defines entrepreneur as - "An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes and operates a new enterprise or venture and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks."  Luxury Experience Magazine features entrepreneurs in every issue from the outstanding chefs, talented musicians, creative artists of fashion, photography, or of paint and brush, and we love to feature their creative spirit.  

You may have read about the successful entrepreneur who left his or her position at a well known company to start their own business with some ‘seed money,' or a small group of business partners who funded their own start-up company, but many of the entrepreneurs featured in Luxury Experience Magazine started out with different backing - passion, dedication, desire, and blind ambition; the financial position is on the horizon.  

This group of performers truly assumes "accountability for the inherent risks" of their enterprise or venture. For these artists of image, taste, touch, sound, and smell, it is the risk associated with every pastry, every appetizer, or main course served, for every note played, or for every painting or fashion design displayed.  This group of artists accepts risk everyday, and for many the term ‘risk management' takes on a completely different meaning, as their existence and livelihood is a balancing act. For all entrepreneurs they ride on the eyes, ears, and writings of others, but for many, there is no safety-net for them to "fall back on."  

Luxury Experience Magazine attended many events as part of Fashion Week 2007, sponsored by Mercedes Benz, in New York City. I had the opportunity to speak with the major designers as well as many up-and-coming stars; the common denominator was the passion for what they do, and interesting enough, many of the designers spoke of having the pervading butterflies in their stomach. I marveled at how each handled their moment, especially knowing that they were on stage not just for their specific show, but for the audience of consumers and writers, and for the various media formats who would be reporting on the show hours, days, weeks, and months later.

In particular, I enjoyed speaking with the up-and-coming designers whose shows were not directly part of the Fashion Week Agenda, but who dovetailed off Fashion Week 2007 to showcase their individual talents. Not only did they have to manage the behind-the-scenes of clothes, models, music and timing, but they had to schedule the show at an interesting venue, create a stir about the event, and attract an audience, while competing with the blitz associated with all of the events and after parties of Fashion Week 2007. There is a vibe, and a sense of meaning that I felt speaking with this group of designers; it is a similar sense I feel when I listen to music from new artists, or when I enjoy the culinary creations of chefs. When I experience firsthand the creations of these artists, there is a rush for both the artists and the audience. This is a feeling that I truly relate to each and every day, and especially each month when I publish a new issue of Luxury Experience Magazine, when those pervading butterflies appear.  

It is the desire and passion of Luxury Experience Magazine to capture and convey this excitement and the spirit in every article and picture. The entrepreneurial spirit lives strong and deep within Luxury Experience Magazine and Luxury Experience Company. I salute the entrepreneurial spirit.   

I thank you for your continued support of Luxury Experience Magazine, and as always, your comments are welcome, so please send comments to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

©March 2007. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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