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Adventure Holidays to Relax PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Why Adventure Holidays are perfect for recharging you inner battery, and realigning your internal gyroscope.

I just returned from a short but excellent holiday to close out 2006 and jumpstart 2007. Like those rechargeable batteries we use in our electronic gadgets where it is recommended to discharge [drain] the battery, and then charge it to ‘refresh' the battery, I find that I am very much like this, but with a twist. After a long year of traveling and working on the road, I needed to refresh myself and realign my internal gyroscope.

Over the years, I have found that for me to "recharge my batteries," I do not need to turn off all my drive and focus [drain my battery], but I need to channel my energy into other areas of interest. I find that if I turn down the energy too much that when I return to the day-to-day it takes too much to get back to a comfortable baseline. So, if I keep my energy at a high level while directing my focus and drive to other interests during my holiday, I know that this will keep me sharp and will allow me to clear my head, to relax, reflect, ponder, and toss around ideas without any pressure. I get snippets of relaxing during long plane flights, when I have some "downtime," but it is not the same as doing a complete re-channeling.

I truly believe that traveling is the ultimate relaxing [re-channeling] opportunity available. Okay, you are saying, I travel a lot throughout the year, so for someone who travels for a living, why am I looking to re-channel through additional travel? Good question; the answer lies in the type of travel and who is sharing it with you.

Adventure holidays have become very popular and they are an exciting alternative from the standard holiday. There are adventure holidays that offer you the opportunity to do something different, or something that you love to do, but due to a busy work schedule you are unable to find the time. In addition, the actual holiday may come with pre-holiday reading, getting into shape, and shopping for new equipment, which has a way of extending the positive affect of the holiday.  

Debra C. Argen and I traveled to Brazil to visit friends and enjoy the warm summer sun, the beaches, and of course an adventure. We had the unique opportunity to partake in the adventure of rappelling with our Brazilian friends (please read the Adventures Section - Rappelling in Brazil). I was forewarned prior to the trip that we would be doing some rappelling, so I was prepared, so to speak, for the adventure. There was quite a bit of excitement and discussion prior to, during, and a lot after the adventure. This was a great way to re-channel my energy and focus with the affect [refresh and realign] being just what I needed.  

Adventure holidays are great for the whole family, individuals, friends, or couples as it allows the group to bond as you accomplish challenges that you never thought you would or could perform. Adventure holidays provide a break from our business [mental] exhaustion and replace it with physical exhaustion, which for the adventure seeker is a welcome feeling at the end of a special day as it acts as the perfect sleeping pill for a much deserved night's rest. The re-channeling of focus and attention opens your mind for new ideas, new thoughts, and new concepts; I personally love when I can re-channel my energy and focus, I only wish I had more opportunities throughout the year.     

Adventure holidays come in all sizes and shapes with opportunities to blend adventure with sightseeing, cultural events, fine food and wine, and excellent accommodations; you can decide how much you would like to "rough it." Therefore, even if you travel for a living, or you are planning your next holiday, don't drop out of existence for your holiday, try re-channeling your energy. You will come back a new person with an energy level that is positive and ready to go; I have found that besides handling the day-to-day requirements, as I did prior to the holiday, that I have the additional energy and time to reflect on my accomplishments while I plan my next adventure.   

I thank you for your continued support of Luxury Experience Magazine, and as always, your comments are welcome, so please send comments to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

©February 2007. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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