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2010 - Listening, Being Proactive, and Rebuilding Trust PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

The year 2010 showed we all need to listen better, work to be proactive, and that no matter who you are, or what you do, people need to know that you understand their needs and care about them.

First, I want to thank our expanding reader base for another tremendous year. We listened to what our readers wanted and we expanded our coverage into new areas such as Luxury Cruises, which includes a look at the cruise ship, restaurants, and some tantalizing recipes; more reasons to schedule your next vacation on a luxury cruise.

Luxury Experience had a lot of diversity in 2010 from our Destinations such as a luxury cruise on Celebrity Cruises Solstice Class Eclipse, Aleppo and Latakia, Syria, Romance in the Berkshires, USA, Gold Coast of Long Island, USA, Montreal, Canada, Luxurious Newport, USA; to our Hotel and Resorts that included Blantyre, Lenox, USA, Mohegan Sun Hotel, Uncasville, USA, Afamia Rotana Resort, Latakia, Syria, Sheraton Aleppo, Syria, Mill Street Inn, Newport, USA, Inn at Great Neck, Great Neck, USA, and countless restaurants in the Restaurants section including Michael Jordan's at Mohegan Sun Hotel, The Dining Room at Blantyre, The Dining Room at Wheatleigh, Restaurant JEAN-LOUIS, Greenwich, USA, and Ibiza Restaurant, New Haven, USA.

In addition, we had some outstanding recipes contributed by our world famous Chefs in the Chefs' Recipes section, and a diverse group of liquors and liqueurs in the Liquor Cabinet section including paQui Silvera Tequila, Cockspur Fine Rum and Cockspur 12 Year Rum, Travis Hasse's Original Cherry Pie Liqueur and Original Apple Pie Liqueur, and Benjamin Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey. There were exceptional spas in the Spas section, a wide array of genres reviewed in the Music Scene, the latest fashions in the Fashions section, and more. All in all, Luxury Experience strives to bring you the most interesting and unique products that are available.

The year 2010 was a year filled with many exciting opportunities for Luxury Experience in "Bringing the Experience of Luxury to You," and I thank you for your continued support of Luxury Experience. 

So, what else did 2010 bring us? It showed us that listening to what is happening in the markets, to our clients, and to the consumers, continues to be an essential element for survival. The need to be proactive is not just a phrase that is tossed around in a conversations, it has to become a part of a business focus that is directed by what is heard from clients and consumers. With regards to "rebuilding trust," it is not about losing trust; it has more to do with understanding that in challenging times, people need to be reassured that you understand them, even from one minute to the next.

People and businesses are more uncertain than ever before, and this is okay. It means that there is an attention to detail within a company or within a relationship, business or personal, which creates uncertainty. The reality is that business, as in life, is more complicated and demanding. The ability to navigate a business deal, or a relationship, will require more insight and not always more data. The ability to synthesize what you hear and collaborate with others will become crucial. Thus, collaboration will require a level of trust and the ability to be creative and impulsive, in a controlled fashion.

Some key terms from 2010 and for 2011 will be: nimble, the ability to change as needed, ambiguity, the ability to mange the unknown, and creative impulse, dynamically distilling information while identifying priorities to create proactive strategy.     

I thank you for your continued support of Luxury Experience, and as always, your comments are welcome, so please send comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

© December 2010. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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