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Roger Hodgson at The Ridgefield Playhouse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
Roger Hodgson of Supertramp at Ridgefield Playhouse, Ct - photo by Luxury ExperienceExperiencing Roger Hodgson perform at The Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut was a memorable evening of rock. Roger Hodgson co-founded the iconic British rock band Supertramp in 1969 and before he left in 1983 to raise his small children and lead a spiritual life in Northern California, where he moved his family and built a home recording studio. Roger, known in the industry and by fans as the "voice of Supertramp," wrote such memorable hits as: Dreamer, Give A Little Bit, Breakfast in America, Take the Long Way Home, and It's Raining Again, to name but a few.

The Ridgefield Playhouse is an intimate 500-seat venue, which was perfect for Roger Hodgson's performance on January 2013, where he played with Aaron Macdonald, instead of with his full touring band. This was Roger's first concert of the year, and when he opened the set with the familiar chords on the keyboards for Take the Long Way Home, one of our favorites, we knew that we were in for a great evening as the audience cheered him on. His voice was spectacular and the familiar lyrics, "So you think you're a Romeo, Playing a part in a picture show...," were like spending an evening with a dear, old friend.

Roger Hodgson on keyboards - Photo by Luxury Experience
Roger Hodgson on Keyboards

He segued into Give A Little Bit, this time playing the guitar, then moved on to Lovers in the Wind, off his first solo album, In the Eye of the Storm released in 1984, which he described as "what we need to fight hardest to hang on to is love."

Next in the line-up came Breakfast in America, with Roger on keyboards and explaining that he wrote this song when he was around 18 or 19 years old in about an hour on an old pump organ, set it aside, and released it in 1979.

Aaron Macdonald on saxophone - Photo by Luxury Experience
Aaron Macdonald playing saxophone

A prolific songwriter and composer, Roger has over 60 yet unreleased songs, hopefully, which will make their way onto future releases. Songwriter, composer, arranger, vocalist, and talented musician, over the course of the evening Roger would play keyboards, piano, and two guitars, complemented by Aaron playing horns, keyboards, whistles, melodica, and harmonica.  

Roger continued the nostalgic journey with the song, Easy Does It, off the 1975 Supertramp Crisis? What Crisis? album. Throughout the evening, Roger playfully bantered with the audience, making the connection, as well as providing input and background into his songs.

Before moving on to London, off his 1987 Hai Hai release, he explained that although he fell in love with sunny California, his longtime home, he had a brief period of missing his homeland of England, and wrote this playful, tongue-in-cheek, song. The lyrics begin with, "I wish I was in London, walking in the rain, I wish I was in London, I really miss the rain..."

Roger Hodgson on piano - Photo by Luxury Experience
Roger Hodgson on Piano

Roger explained that as a child, he always had many questions, which drove his parents mad, and was his humorous intro into, The Logical Song, written in 1979, off the Breakfast in America album, closing out the first set to thunderous applause.

Roger opened the second set with Child of Vision, off the 1979 Breakfast in America album. He followed that with Lord Is It Mine, which he explained that while many people ask him which is his favorite song, just as one should not have a favorite child, he does not have a favorite song. However, this song in particular came from a very deep place.

The set list continued with C'est Le Bon, off the Famous Last Words album, and If Everyone was Listening, off the 1974 Crime of the Century album.

Roger Hodgson on guitar - Photo by Luxury Experience
Roger Hodgson on Guitar

Even in the Quietest Moments, off the 1977 Supertramp album by the same name, featured Roger solo onstage playing his guitar. As an intro, he explained that when he first came to the United States he could not believe the natural beauty of the mountains and the beaches. He loved going off into the mountains of Northern California by himself with only his guitar. It was while he was in the mountains that he wrote the song.

Roger continued with Don't Leave Me Now, followed by Dreamer, where the opening chords on the keyboards had the audience cheering. He closed the show with the song, Fool's Overture.

Roger Hodgson - Photo by Jeff Butchern
Roger Hodgson

A standing ovation brought Roger back onstage to perform the song, Two of Us, followed by School, and he closed the evening out with It's Raining Again. It was a brilliant evening of reacquainting ourselves with the musical genius of the talented Roger Hodgson.

Roger Hodgson and Edward Nesta - Photo by Luxury Experience
Edward and Roger Hodgson

For information on upcoming Roger Hodgson performances or booking information, please visit his website:

Debra Argen, Roger Hodgson, and Edward Nesta - Photo by Jeff Butchen
Debra, Roger Hodgson, Edward

The Ridgefield Playhouse Box Officeis open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:30pm, Saturday from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm, and 1 hour prior to a live performance. For information on upcoming shows at The Ridgefield Playhouse, please visit their website:

Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT
The Ridgefield Playhouse

80 East Ridge Road 
Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877
United States
Telephone:       +1-203-438-5795
Fax:                  +1-203-438-4543

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