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Dana Fuchs at Stage 48, NYC PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
Dana Fuchs at Stage 48 New York, photo by Luxury ExperienceAfter reviewing Blues Rocker Dana Fuchs' latest CD, Bliss Avenue, as well Love To Beg, released on the Ruf Records label, we thought that we knew what to expect from a Dana Fuchs concert at Stage 48 in New York City for the official launch CD party in late August 2013. Wrong, although the releases are sensational, they did little to prepare us for experiencing Dana Fuchs' live. The woman is an energetic powerhouse, a seemingly tireless dynamo who commands the stage with her impressive vocal range, able to belt out the messages behind her evocative, and oft times emotional lyrics, or slow the pace and work her lower vocal register, all while charming the audience and gathering new fans along the way.


With a billboard size image of the Bliss Avenue CD cover projected on the rear wall of the stage as a backdrop, Dana and guitarist and longtime songwriting collaborator Jon Diamond, together with her drummer, keyboardist, bass player, and back-up singers (Elaine Caswell, Beth Sussman, and Tabitha Fair) took the audience for a romping surprise of an evening.

Dana Fuchs - Bliss Avenue - photo by Luxury Experience
Dana Fuchs - Bliss Avenue

From the moment Dana walked onstage she captured the audience's attention, a mixture of dedicated long time fans of the now New York City based singer songwriter, some hearing Dana for the first time. Beginning with the title cut, Bliss Avenue, Dana worked her way through the 12-track release engaging the audience by sharing very personal stories (her brother dying of brain cancer, her sister's tragic death, the loneliness of being on the road) behind many of the lyrics to help the audience relate to the stories.

Dana Fuchs at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Dana Fuchs Letting it All Out

Next in the line-up came How Did Things Get This Way?, and Handful Too Many, followed by the hard to keep still in your seat, Living on Sunday, with its rich gospel feel complemented by Dana's powerful vocals and her back-up singers.

Jon Diamond and Dana Fuchs at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Jon Diamond and Dana Fuchs

For the hard driving Southern Rock song, Rodents in the Attic, which she co-wrote with manager, Kevin Mackall, and New York based guitarist, singer, songwriter Ann Klein, she asked Ann to come onstage and play guitar alongside Jon Diamond.

Ann Klein at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Ann Klein

Dana followed up with So Hard To Move, Daddy's Little Girl, and Baby Loves The Life, the latter two songs hard-hitting and emotional. Next came, Nothin' On Mind, pure Honky Tonk with a distinct Patsy Cline feel, and the last track off the Bliss Avenue CD, Long, Long, Game that aptly captures the longing and the homesickness that musicians and anyone that travels extensively for their jobs experience. The catchy lyrics grab with, "Whiskey bound on a whistling train, another town but it's all the same, take a bow when they call your name, what's the price you gonna pay for fame ..." and if you spend a lot of time of the road, you cannot help but relate to this story. She finished off the set with two more stellar songs off the CD, Vagabond Wind and Keep On Walkin'.

Dana Fuchs' Drummer at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience

Backup Singers at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Rocking Away

After thunderous applause, Dana returned to the stage with the band and Ann Klein, the audience out of their seats and gathered around to soak up the ambience, dance to the music, and perhaps catch a little bit of the energy and the pulsating vibe.

By the end of the performance, we, along with the rest of the audience, were entranced, enthralled, exhilarated, and exhausted from one wild evening of music watching the incomparable Dana Fuchs perform live.

Dana Fuchs at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Dana being Dana

So, pick up the Bliss Avenue CD and give it a listen, and then, if it is at all possible, treat yourself to a Dana Fuchs concert. Just off an extensive United States tour, Dana has an impressive line-up of European tour dates slated for September and October 2013 in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, SwitzerlandThe Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, and France. If you live in Europe, or plan to be there soon, run, do not walk, and purchase tickets to a concert. For information on upcoming performances, please visit the website, for all the details.

Jon Diamond at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Jon Diamond

Please visit the website, for information on other upcoming performances and events at the venue. For tickets or information, please call: +1-212-957-1800 or +1-212-957-1700.

"Stage 48 is a four-floor, multi-use venue that hosts Concerts, Night Life Events, and Private/Corporate Events. Built in the 1950s as a horse stable, the building has been completely remodeled utilizing the beauty of the old industrial architecture and incorporating complimentary modern elements to create an ambience that currently does not exist in any NYC venue."

Dana Fuchs and Keyboarist at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Dana Fuchs and Keyboardist

"A large horseshoe balcony overlooks the main floor providing excellent site-lines of the 34-foot wide stage. Several elevated VIP areas are located on both floors and a state of the art Sound, Lighting, and Video system will ensure an experience like none other."

Band Taking a Bow at Stage 48 photo by Luxury Experience
Taking a Bow After a Powerful Performance

The Box Office hours are Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday on show days ONLY are 5:00 pm until 12:00 am. You can also purchase tickets online.

Stage 48 New York City

Stage 48
605 West 48th Street at 11th Avenue
New York, New York 10036
United States
Box Office:  +1-212-957-1800
Box Office:  +1-212-957-1700

For information on upcoming Dana Fuchs performances, please visit the website:  

Follow Dana Fuchs on Facebook at

Follow Stage 48 on Facebook:

Follow Luxury Experience on Facebook: 

Read an interview with Dana Fuchs in the Music Scene section.

Read the review of Dana Fuchs release: Bliss Avenue released on the Ruf Records label in the Music Scene section.

© September 2013. Luxury Experience All Rights Reserved.

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