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Walter Beasley - Free Your Mind PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Walter Beasley - Free Your MindWalter Beasley's latest jazz release, Free Your Mind, is music to help you let go and lose yourself in the moment.



Walter Beasley - Free Your Mind

Walter Beasley - Free Your Mind        

Free Your Mind: Steady As She Goes, Love Calls, Oh Yeah, Message To Mark, Shirlitta, Free Your Mind, DukeZillia, Just Breathe, Barack's Groove, She Can't Help It, Miss Minnie                 

Personnel: Walter Beasley: Saxophone, Vocals; Tony Watson Jr.: Background Saxophone; Randall Bowland: Guitar; James K. Lloyd: Keyboard & Programming; Lynne Fiddmont: Vocals; Jeff Lockhart: Guitar; Webster Roach: Bass; David "Pookie" Cole: Drum Programming; Walter Barnes: Bass; Derek Cannon: Trumpet; Craig Shaw: Bass; Phil Davis: Keyboard, Drum Programming; John Roberts: Drums, Background Vocals, Percussion; Raymond McKinley: Bass; Rafael Pereira: Percussion; Mark Strowbridge: Guitar; Sam Sims: Bass; Rick Watford Guitar; Sean Michael Ray: Bass;   

Free Your Mind was released in January 2009 on the Heads Up label. Music is an interpretation of a writer/performer's feelings, emotions, and creativity, and with Free Your Mind Walter Beasley wants the listener to free their minds in the midst of the unending deluge of information, numbers, and personal challenges. Music should, as Walter puts it, "help people let go of concerns for awhile and just lose themselves in the moment."  

Free Your Mind is a follow-up to the release Ready For Love (see the Music Scene - Walter Beasley - Ready For Love) that showed his love and dedication to the art of music. Walter Beasley expresses himself through his music in a way that captures the hearts of his listeners who can feel the person behind the music. The opening track Steady As She Goes is apropos in both life and music. Steady As She Goes, written by James K. Lloyd the keyboardist of the timeless jazz group Pieces of a Dream (see Music Scene - Pieces of a Dream - Soul Intent), fuses the brilliance of Walter on saxophone with the rhythms made famous by Pieces of a Dream in the 80's, and which continue to hold their own in today's music scene. Love Calls allows Walter to step out from behind his horn as he opens his heart to us through his compelling duet with vocalist Lynne Fiddmont.

The track Oh Yeah brings back James K. Lloyd as the writer and producer as he creates a funk groove allowing Walter to take a moment to reflect and say, "oh yeah" through his captivating saxophone. Message To Mark is a very personal and poignant tribute to Mark Ledford a fellow musician, friend, and a person who passed on at the young age of 44 years old. As we have all experienced, time moves faster than there is opportunity to keep friendships close and meaningful, and for Walter who had lost touch with his close friend Mark, there was only one way to remember his friend and fellow musician, and this was through the tie that bound them together - music. The track is not only touching and reflective, but it says more than most people can say with words.

Shirlitta has a swagger, projected by Walter's saxophone, that conveys a feeling of confidence and belief that we can cope with anything that we confront. The title track Free Your Mind is positioned in the middle of the release to remind us to breath, relax, forget your sorrows, and look at the bright side of life, and Walter has a unique ability to carry a dialogue with his listeners through his music.

DukeZillia was written from the influences of composer George Duke. What originally started off as a session at the keyboard resulted in a series of chord changes that were drawn from the masterful music of George Duke, and as Walter states, "music should let you lose yourself in the moment', and this is what Walter did subconsciously with George Duke. The resultant track melds George's melodies with Walter's feelings and a contagious and infectious Brazilian rhythm to create a special groove that can breathe life into any situation.

The track Barack's Groove is s a tribute to history in the making and the presidency of Barack Obama. A little sassy, a little mellow, and a lot of soul, Walter captured the feeling that no matter your race, religion, or belief there are opportunities for you. Other notable tracks that will free your mind include Just Breathe, She Can't Help It, and Miss Minnie that was dedicated to Minnie Dangerfield, an important influence during his youth and early adult years; a woman who always told him what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear, and the track carries the admiration and respect Walter held for Miss Minnie.                   

Websites where you can procure Walter Beasley - Free Your Mind are Heads Up, Amazon, CD Universe, Concord Music, Tower, and Max Albums.

© March, 2009. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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