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Theresa Andersson - Hummingbird, Go! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Theresa Andersson - Hummingbird, Go!The Theresa Andersson release Hummingbird, Go! reflects a new direction for the rock and pop music virtuoso as she leaves her band behind and goes solo with assistance from digital looping.   



Theresa Andersson - Hummingbird, Go!

Theresa Andersson - Hummingbird, Go!                   

Hummingbird, Go!: Na Na Na, Clusters, Birds Fly Away, Introducing the Kitchenettes, Hi - Low, Innan Du Går, Hummingbird, Go!, Japanese Art, The Waltz, God's Highway, Locusts are Gossiping, Minor Changes        

Personnel: Theresa Andersson: Violin, Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Drums, Slide Whistle, and things like bottles, saw, wine glasses, high-heeled clogs; Ane Brun: Vocal Harmony on Innan Du Går; Tobias Fröberg: Backing Vocals on God's Highway, Rhodes on Innan Du Går and God's Highway; Brent Rose: Saxophone on Na Na Na; Arthur Mintz: Drums on Na Na Na, Hi - Low, and Japanese Art; Alex Smith: Mouth Harp on Japanese Art

Hummingbird, Go! was released on the Basin Street Records label and marks the fourth release by this talented and vibrant musician. I had the pleasure to review Theresa's previous release Shine in the Music Scene section. Debra C. Argen had a chance to sit down and speak with Theresa while she was performing in New York City, please read Theresa Andersson - Interview in the Music Scene section.

Theresa varies from her previous recordings in format as she moves from using a backing band to the use of looping, a process where a single musician can capture riffs, melodies, and other musical textures and layer them into a track by use of a looping pedal, but she stayed true to her style where the songs are a reflection of her life.

The concept of looping has evolved with the digital age and allows a musician to dynamically capture the elements they want and bring them into a song at will via the touch of a pedal. I had the opportunity to catch Theresa playing live at The Living Room in New York where her one-woman show took the stage. Complete with her powerful voice, signature violin, guitar, slide guitar, tambourine, drums, and digital loop setup she captured the attention and admiration of a room full of music lovers. She moved through a 50 minute set like a chef preparing a five course meal, she served up an amuse bouche by starting off with Na Na Na, followed that by Bird Fly Away, Hummingbird, Go!, The Waltz, Innan Du Gar, and to close out the set (aka dessert) she serves up the cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young classic Find The Cost of Freedom. To say that this was an energizing, invigorating, captivating, and fulfilling set would be an understatement.

Hummingbird, Go! projects a different more mature and secure side of Theresa. She embraced a new format of music in looping where she breaks down her songs into their individual musical elements so she could understand the pieces required for looping, captured the elements, and brought it all together on Hummingbird, Go!, while she recorded the release in her kitchen.

The release opens with Na Na Na that has become the darling of tracks from this release having garnered exposure via a great streaming video on You Tube. The recorded version does include some assistance on drums and saxophone, but the focus on this track is Theresa's alluring lead and backing vocals. The track Clusters is constructed from musical influences from her New Orleans music tenure, 60's Motown, and 70's rock harmony with a layered set of vocals all covered by Theresa. Keeping with her music influences, the tracks Birds Fly Away and Hi - Low  have a 60's/70's feel to them with the light drums and supporting strings, but a focus on the lyrics, vocals, and backing harmonies. The title track Hummingbird, Go! is a short instrumental track that leads into the pop tune Japanese Art that is similar to the sound found on Theresa's release Shine; the sound is crisp, tight, fast paced, and with a fun rhythm. The Waltz is interesting as the opening vibraphone sound is cast by glasses filled with water, but the story is Theresa's vocals that capture the traditional waltz time signature. The pop tracks God's Highway, Locusts Are Gossiping, and Minor Changes are interesting as Theresa projects a different vocal pitch on each song and matches the pitch to the string instruments (violin and guitar) that she plays. 

Hummingbirds, Go! may be a departure from her prior three releases, but it shows a major step forward in her development as a musician.   

Websites where you can procure Theresa Andersson - Hummingbird, Go! are Basin Street Records, Billboard, Yahoo, and Amazon.

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