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Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot Hot, sassy, and bad-to-the-bone, Skinny Molly’s latest release, Skinny Molly – Haywire Riot, brings Southern Rock back in style. Lead by Mike Estes, former member of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band takes no prisoners on this arresting release.


Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot

Skinny Molly – Haywire Riot          

Skinny Molly – Haywire Riot: If You Don’t Care; Devil In The Bottle; Two Good Wheels; Too Bad To Be True; Judge Parker; Bitin’ The Dog; Lie To Me; Shut Up And Rock; After You; None Of Me No More; Dodgin’ Bullets 

Personnel: Mike Estes: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Baritone; Jay Johnson: Lead Guitar, Background Vocals; Kurt Pietro: Drums; Luke Bradshaw: Bass, Background Vocals; Derek Parnell: co-Lead Guitar on “After You”; Josh Foster: B-3 Organ on “Devil In The Bottle”  

Skinny Molly – Haywire Riot was produced by Mike Estes, recorded at Swamper Sound in Sheffield, Alabama and Omni Sound in Nashville, and was released on the Ruf Records label. True to their Southern Rock roots, the band lays it on the line with this explosive release, a real haywire riot. Led by the powerful presence of Mike Estes, a former member of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, Skinny Molly has grown since 2004 when the band was formed to do a fun one-off tour, but through their musical connection and two albums, they have persevered. 

Haywire Riot busts out of the CD case with the track If You Don’t Care featuring hot riffs and raw lyrics “I’ve got a bike to ride, fish to catch, songs that I ain’t written yet, girls to love, hearts to break, living like its all at stake…” The message is set, get ready for rollicking eleven tracks. 

Devil In The Bottle was a song Mike Estes originally recorded in 1994 as a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd on their acoustic release Endangered Species; like a good whiskey, it gets better with age. A powerful bass line drives the tempo and pace, and like a few good hits off the bottle, the guitar and vocals hit you directly between the eyes. 

The track Two Good Wheels is Southern Rock at its roots with a nice blend of blues type lyrics that reach for the depths and deliver. Too Bad To be True turns up the pace and the band rocks out with a heavy hand on the guitar with blazing licks complementing the lyrics “…packs a little gun and keeps a bigger one in the glovebox of the car….She’s too bad to be true, ….” The song Judge Parker starts with a simple series of chords on the guitar while the soulful vocals ring out on a twist of a southern-rock-ballad.   

The song Shut Up And Rock epitomizes the release when Mike Estes belts out “Hey rock star, just shut up and rock!,” and they do rock with high octane guitar riffs and pulsating drum work. The song None of Me No More is a slow burning song that smolders for a while and then through Mike’s vocal magic, he ignites the flames and drives this song home, another winner. 

Other great songs include Bitin’ The Dog, a song with a scorching tempo that lights up the release, Lie To Me, a track that rings like a ballad and delivers a powerful message through a creative arrangement and tight lyrics, After You, is a sassy track with a great arrangement, and Dodgin’ Bullets, a closing track that leaves you wanting more; so, push replay. 

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Websites where you can procure Skinny Molly – Haywire Riot are Amazon, Skinny Molly, Ruf Records, Barnes & Noble, and CD Universe.   

© April 2013. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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