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Shanytown PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Shanytown Roll up your sleeves and get ready for Southern Rock like you have not heard it in quite some time with the debut release by Shanytown. Drawn from the genes of great Southern Rock greats like Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, and The Johnny Van Zant bands, the bothers Ronnie Morris and Robbie Morris, nephews of the late Ronnie, Donnie, and Johnny Van Zant, make their uncles proud.




Shanytown: Redneck; Peace of Mind; Mexico; Shany Town; Brother; Fishing; One More Night; Loud Pipes; Me & Mine; Justin’s Song; Lost Souls   

Personnel: Ronnie Morris: Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals; Robbie Morris: Drums; Kevin Williams; Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Background Vocals; Charles Moody: Bass Guitar; Jonathan DeMaio: Synth Strings and Organ; Steve Reynolds: Percussion; Buddy Harrington: Fiddle; Glenn Halverson: Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Duane Johnson: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals   

Shanytown was produced by Robbie Morris and Glenn Halverson and was released on the Garage Door Records label; this marks the inaugural release for the Southern Rock band Shanytown. When the genes fit let them rock away, and with the Morris brothers, nephews of members of three renowned Southern Rock bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, and The Johnny Van Zant Band, they show that Southern Rock courses through their veins.    

The release opens with the track Redneck, a powerful introduction to a band that knows how to lay it on the line with great lyrics and vocals paced by some feathered guitar licks, dancing fiddle work, pulsating drums, and down and dirty bass riffs. The track Peace of Mind features the great vocal prowess of Ronnie Morris and Kevin Williams as they sing “…don’t misunderstand me I’ve got to make a change, this place is taking me, it’s driving me insane…,” tight harmonies, a strong bass line, and some sassy guitar round out the track.  

The release moves to the track Mexico and the guitar sabers roar into action slicing their way through this driving melody and the catchy lyrics lead you to sing along “It’s a long ways to Mexico…don’t have to go the way I did…”   

The band’s “namesake” track Shany Town shows some moxie with biting lyrics, “I’ve got to break this chain before it takes me down below, I never tried to do you wrong, never tried to bring you down,” a rousing melody paced by lashing guitar riffs and a heavy base line will satisfy any serious southern rock aficionado.  

The track Brother slows down the release with a powerful ballad that rings off the guitar licks and the vocals of Ronnie Morris. Brother ties Shanytown’s sound together with all of the elements from tight musicianship, classic rock vocals and lyrics, and a sound that may become their anthem for years to come.   

Fishing pulls the chords in and reverbs on Ronnie’s intense vocals, a track destined to become a popular in the car sing-along track. “Have you ever been fishing on a warm summer night, full moon hanging over your head and the stars shining so bright,” to which we all can relate and dream.   

Superb guitar work opens the track One More Night and lays the tracks for Ronnie’s vocals to ride on before blazing into a rockin’ southern onslaught; air guitar and air drumming are a perfect complement for the listener.   

My favorite track is Loud Pipes, a raw energy 1000cc open throttle power drive down southern rock-n-roll lane. Let the wind blow in your face, sit back and enjoy the open ride as you listen to some of the most powerful guitar riffs and drumming that you have heard.    

The track Justin’s Song is another catchy tune that will be on many people’s play list. Ronnie’s lyrics “It’s been so long since you been around, you been up and I’ve been down, so down. We tried so hard to work things out….You took my heart and tore it apart and thank God my lord I’ve got my son, my son…” Who cannot empathize with the passion and feelings that are carried on this track with a melody that punctuates the fervor.   

The release closes with some imposing slide work on Lost Souls and Ronnie’s catchy lyrics “…there’s two things you don’t want around, record companies and cocaine, lord they will bring you down…” Move over Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, and The Johnny Van Zant Band, Shanytown shows that the genes did not fall far from the southern rock tree; this is a band that not only keeps the sound alive, but they have moved it forward to new heights.  

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Websites where you can procure Shanytown are Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. 

©November 2013. Luxury Experience.  All rights reserved. 

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