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Sean Chambers - Ten Til Midnight PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Sean Chambers - Ten Til MidnightSean Chambers - Ten Til Midnight is a hard-driving blend of blues and Rock n' Roll that was arranged and recorded to reflect the sound of a live concert, and he succeeded in capturing the live sound with the exception of the rousing audience applause after each track.


Sean Chambers - Ten Til Midnight   

Sean Chambers - Ten Til Midnight                   

Ten Til Midnight: Ten Til Midnight; Blues and Rock ‘n' Roll; All The Kings Horses; You're Gonna Miss Me; In The Winter Time; Too Much Blues; Make It Go; Brown Sugar; When I Get Lonely; I Don't Know Why    

Personnel: Sean Chambers: Guitar, Vocals; Paul Broderick: Drums; Tim Blair: Bass; Ben Crider: Hammond B3; Robin Bouie: Backup Vocals; Clarence L. Stevenson: Backup Vocals; Gary Keith: Harmonica; Jack Henriquez: Piano

Sean Chambers - Ten Til Midnight was produced by Sean Chambers and released on Blue Heat Records an independent record label. Introduced to the guitar at 10 years old, Sean Chambers found his calling and the blues along with Rock n' Roll became his life. Feeling his music was his approach as he shunned music lessons and was self-taught taking his lead from the sounds of the Jimi Hendrix catalogue. His talent showed through quickly and by 19 he was opening for the likes of B. B. King, Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Johnny Winter.

Ten Til Midnight is Sean's third release (Strong Temptation (1998), Humble Spirits (2005)), but he wanted this to diverge from his other music, he was looking to depict the feeling of a live session with the band playing as if they were at a gig. From the opening riff he succeeded in projecting a live free flowing sound. Sean wrote 7 of the 10 tracks allowing for only 3 band favorite covers to be included (Brown Sugar, All The Kings Horses, and You're Gonna Miss Me).

The release opens with the title track Ten Til Midnight that blazes from the opening riff and only cools down to pass the sound to the next track. Sean's guitar work, praised as being one of the top 50 Blues guitarists of all time, is not about energy, though he has enough of that, or about speed, it is about rendering a sound that engages the listener and complements the band members and his vocals, which are raw and evocative of the music.

The track Blues and Rock ‘n' Roll is driven by a combination of Sean's guitar and vocals and Gary Keith's scintillating harmonica. True to the title, this is a captivating meld of blues and Rock n' Roll that pays homage to the music that bore Sean Chambers. The cover track All The Kings Horses (Luther Allison) was one of Sean's all-time favorite songs, and his rendering is as powerful and pointed as that of Luther's live gigs.

Other tracks include You're Gonna Miss Me, a fiery blues track that kicks in from the opening note; In The Winter Time is down and dirty blues with sizzling guitar work and engaging vocals "In the winter time my baby, she keeps me warm;" Make It Go, a rollicking hard-driving track that captures the musicianship of the band; the cover Brown Sugar (Bill Gibbons) feels like the band is blowing off steam as they stretch their blues and rock legs to achieve a powerful adaptation; When I Get Lonely was written while the band was on the road and was penned in a hotel room and has become a Sean Chambers standard; and the release closes with the track I Don't Know Why a number where the guitar riffs are toned down and the harmonica takes center stage to ride Sean's compelling vocals "..she left me, she left me, and I don't know why, I know she's leaving, she'll stay for good, and I will be here lonely like a good man never should."

Websites where you can procure Sean Chambers - Ten Til Midnight are Amazon, Tower Records, Rhapsody, HBDirect, and iTunes.   

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