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Phil Brown - [the jimi project] PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F, Nesta   

Phil Brown - [The Jimi Project]Phil Brown brings together the mastery of songwriter Jimi Hendrix with an inspiring arrangement in [the jimi project].  




Phil Brown - [the jimi project]

Phil Brown - [the jimi project]:  Manic Depression; Purple Haze; I Don't Live Today; Voodoo Child; fire; One Rainy Wish; If 6 was 9; Love or Confusion; Spanish Castle Magic; You've Got Me Floating; Ain't No Telling; Are You Experienced?

Personnel: Phil Brown: guitar and vocals; Jimmy Haslip: bass; Gary Novak: drums; Fredie Lopez: background vocals; Reggie Knighton: background vocals; Michael Drebert: background vocal; Bobby Yanez: background vocals

[the jimi project] was released under Phil Brown's label - Apaches From Paris. With over 30 years of experience in performing, arranging, producing, engineering and writing, Phil Brown has taken on all challenges. With a catalog of over 270 songs, his songs have been performed by Ace Frehley of Kiss, Cher, Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benatar, and Steve Perry to list a few, and with his career going strong after his highly praised release Cruel Inventions in 2001, why would he take on arranging and interpreting songs from one of the all time guitar greats and his childhood idol, Jimi Hendrix? Well if someone dares you to try something different, you just have to step up to the challenge.

I was a bit apprehensive to do a review of [the jimi project], as I do not typically sit and listen to  nostalgia music, and I am not much into cover bands. Thus, when I eased back in my chair, tossed on the headphones and gave [the jimi project] a spin, I found myself replaying many of the songs.

Bringing together the talents of Gary Novak, drummer for Chick Corea and Alanis Morrissette, and Jimmy Haslip, bass player for the Yellowjackets, Paul and company are not cover artists recycling the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, they have heightened the true genius of Jimi Hendrix's lyrics, through Phil's vocals, and projected the music into a new, fresh and respectful series of arrangements. Phil's vocals are deep and passionate providing a view into Jimi's lyrics that many people may have missed due to the commanding guitar work of Jimi.

Do not get me wrong, I love listening to the live cuts of Jimi Hendrix where his improvising and breathtaking guitar work still leaves me in awe. With [the jimi project] you experience a different element of Jimi; you feel his presence while right away you know that this is not just someone trying to sound like Jimi, the emphasis is on the music. Phil allows the lyrics to take center stage while his superb guitar work laces in the signature chords that are only Jimi Hendrix with his interpretation, arrangement, and his blues style.

If you are looking for covers of Jimi Hendrix's songs then search out a local venue for a Jimi Hendrix cover group, but if you are looking for an inspiring, creative expression of the magic that was Jimi Hendrix then look no farther than [the jimi project]

You can procure [the jimi project] at Apaches From Paris, Artistlaunch, Amazon, and Music MSN; downloads available at emusic.

Note - Music Scene is not sponsored by any third party. All music that is written about in Music Scene are the views and experiences of the writer, and reflects a compilation of music, sent to us by musicians, producers, acquired during travel to unique destinations, recommended by our country host or a local resident, just happening upon a music event, searching out a jazz club, or other live music venue.

© July 2006. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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