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One eskimO - One eskimO PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
One eskimO - One eskimO One eskimO is an eclectic indie release that emphasis the value of a tight group of musicians to enhance the presentation of impassioned lyrics, compelling arrangements, and the engaging vocals of Kristian Leontiou.   

One eskimO - One eskimO  

One eskimO                  

One eskimO: Hometime; Astronauts; Kandi; Slip; Simple Day; Givin Up; Chocolate; All Balloons; Chosen One; UFO; Amazing            

Personnel: Kristian Leontiou: Vocals; Adam Falkner: Drums, Percussions, Cajon, Vibraphone, Backing Vocals; Peter Rinaldi: Guitar, Banjo, Backing Vocals; Jamie Sefton: Bass, Horns, Backing Vocals; Martin Waugh: Guitar; Craig Dodds: Guitar; Mark Bates and Zak Rae: Keyboards, Programming; Scott Addison: Guitars; Ewan Bleach: Saxophone; Peter F. Blazer: Keys, Programming; Sonus Quartet: Strings; Kathleen Sloan: String Arrangement           

One eskimO was released on the indie record label - Shangri-La Music; this marks the band's first release. The lyrics, arrangements, and overall texture of this release is driven by singer/songwriter Kristian Leontiou who writes from his day-to-day experiences, about life, love, losses, the highs, the lows, and the heartbreaks.

The opening track Hometime contains a beguiling melody that rings throughout the track and complements the harmonic vocals of Kristian who melds different emotions and feelings through his lyrics and arrangement. The track Astronauts moves the music to the background and focuses on the lyrics that tell the tale of a breakup when one person wants "space" and the partner is trying to deal with the situation; Kristian's lyrics and vocals are poignant and raw at the same time. 

Kandi takes a different look at a relationship where one person's deep love creates blinders and confusion as to the actions of another. The lyrics pack a lot of sentiment in a few words "You've been my queen for longer then you know. My love for you has been... every step I take. ...I heard from Joe about this guy... Why? Why? Why? Did you need him, where was I. Just how close to you is he?" A moving arrangement against the touching lyrics heightens the impact of this track.

The track Slip carries a jazzy baseline that weaves in a little funk and pop to emphasize key passages within the song; a beautiful collaboration of words and music to obtain a desired result. 

Other tracks include Simple Day, another memorable track whose tempo is set in motion by rapid fire lyrics; Givin up features the entire band opening up and letting loose which is the perfect foil to the expressive elements of Kristian's lyrics; All Balloons a whimsical track that characterizes the variety of arrangements on this release; Chosen One a beautiful ballad of love and loss; UFO a great pop track that brings all the elements of the band together; and Amazing that opens with a single horn and Kristian's vocals and the song unfolds to a crescendo that carries stunning harmonies from the band and the guest choir, and an inspiring string arrangement.

One eskimO's arrangements are the fabric that creates a perfect fit to Kristian's lyrics, which explains why after a successful solo career, Kristian went looking for musicians who he could work with to project the sound and words that were in his head, and One eskimO was the result.

Websites where you can procure One eskimO are Amazon, Tower Records, CD Universe,, HMV, and iTunes.   

© March 2010. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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