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Marion Meadows - Secrets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Marion Meadows - Secrets Marion Meadows - Secrets is straight ahead unfettered smooth jazz with a mix of background harmonizing vocals, featuring four different lead vocalists to complement his funk style on saxophone.   


Marion Meadows - Secrets

Marion Meadows - Secrets                  

Secrets:  Secrets; Let the Top Down; You Lift My Heart; Soul Sugar; The Child in Me; Playtime; Sand Dancers; Flirt; Friends; Urban Angels; The Shade Tree; Here To Stay     

Personnel: Marion Meadows: Saxophone; Maria Meadows: Vocals, Background Vocals; Michael Broening: Keyboards, Programming; Freddie Fox: Guitar; Mel Brown: Bass; Michael White: Drums; Jesse McGuire: Trumpet; Brian Keane: Drums Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboards; Charlie Karp: Lead Vocals; Chip Shearin: Bass, Keyboards; Will Brock: Keyboards, Guitar, Bass and Drum Programming; Orly Penate: Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion Programming, Strings & Horn Arrangements; Roberto Vazquez: Piano, Horns; Anthony Church: Saxophone; Ted Zimmerman: Trumpet; Tony Verdejo: Percussion; Brian Chartrand: Vocals; Rachel Eckroth: Rhodes, Wurlitzer; Brian Morgan: Guitar; Steve "Jabari" Kersey: Drums; Sean Thomas: Vocals; Johnny Britt: Vocals, Trumpet; Philip Hamilton: Vocals; Jay Rowe: Piano; Perry Hughes: Guitar   

Marion Meadows - Secrets was released on the Heads Up label, a division of Concord Music Group, and marks the sixth release on the Heads Up label. Marion's musical belief is that the final result is "ultimately about the army of ears on the other side of the musical equation." His focus on Secrets was to create a sound that reflected the creative energy and musicianship of the musicians that support him on this release; he did not want any computers or drum machines involved, thus Secrets is the real thing. 

The title track Secrets leaves no truth untold as Marion regales us with his signature sultry and funk style saxophone playing that is accompanied by the background vocal harmonizing of Maria Meadows.  Let the Top Down brings in the brazen trumpet of Jesse McGuire to be the foil for Marion's saxophone. The ballad You Lift My Heart features the compelling lead vocals of Charlie Karp, who has a mystical style that meshes flawlessly with the saxophone. The tracks Soul Sugar, The Child in Me, and Flirt, carry the elements that followers of Marion's style have come to recognize, respect, and appreciate as he carries the melody with his smooth and unfettered sound knowing that the true appreciation is retaining the respect of, and winning over, his audience.

Sand Dancers is a striking track made so by the tight baseline created by Roberto Vazquez as he contributes on the flugelhorn, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion programming to complement the guitar and vocals of Orly Penate, the duo saxophones of Marion and Anthony Church, Ted Zimmerman's trumpet, and the backing harmonizing vocals. Playtime features great lyrics such as "We can be anything we want to be, and it was not a dream," which plays off the feeling that Marion was looking for when he recorded Secrets, which is that everyone has a secret they are looking to uncover and a dream waiting to happen. The track Friends features the lively vocals of Brian Chartrand along with a tight line held by the band as they set the stage for Brian, as good friends  do for each other. Urban Angels features another great vocalist in Philip Hamilton who duets with Marion's saxophone that produces a stunning sound that engulfs the listener with rich melodies.

The release closes out with the tracks The Shade Tree, featuring the vocals of Sean Thomas and Johnny Britt against a lingering melody, and Here to Stay a funky closing track with Brian Chartrand on vocals, a solid bass line, and a great guitar solo.          

Websites where you can procure Marion Meadows - Secrets are Amazon, Concord Music, CD Universe, Yahoo Music, CD Connection, and Max Albums.   

© July 2009. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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