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Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of JoyMaria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy is an assembly of a Who's Who from American roots and jug bands, which is the perfect format to create a lighthearted musical departure during these troubled times.


Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy

Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy                 

Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy: The Diplomat; Shake Hands and Tell Me Goodbye; Shout You Cats; The Ghost of The St Louis Blues; Let It Simmer; Sweet Lovin; Ol' Soul; Medley: Life's Too Short / When Elephants Roost in Bamboo Trees; Garden Of Joy; He Calls That Religion; I Ain't Gonna Marry; Bank Failure Blues; The Panic Is On

Personnel: Maria Muldaur: Vocals; John Sebastian: Baritone Guitar, Six String Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica; David Grisman: Mandolin, Mandola and Retro Banjo; Taj Mahal: Banjo, Guitar; Fritz Richmond: Jug on Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul; Kit Stovepipe: National Guitar, Jug, Washboard; Alex Anagnostopoulos: Banjo on Ghost of the St Louis Blues, Harmony Vocals; Jim Rothermel: Clarinet, Slide Whistle, Musical Direction; Danny Caron: Guitar; Ruth Davies: Bass; Tim Eschelman: Bass; Suzy Thompson: Fiddle; Bowen Brown: Drums, Percussion; Pete Devine: Percussion; Bob Schwartz: Trumpet; Kevin Porter: Trombone      

Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy was produced by Maria Muldaur and released on the Stony Plain Records label. Maria Muldaur, dubbed "America's First Lady of Roots Music" draws on humor and the frolicking nature of roots and jug band music to create a diversion and poke some fun at the government and life in general during these troubling times. Assembling fellow musicians from her early roots music days such as John Sebastian and David Grisman, along with other notable musicians like Taj Mahal and the late Fritz Richmond, she has created a free-for-all music style. If you take yourself too seriously, then you will not understand the meaning behind the songs; this is about letting go of your emotions, fears, and troubles, and having fun.

American roots music is considered native to the United States and it is termed roots as it has served as the base for other forms of music that followed such as jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll. Much of this form of music was born during the late 1920's and through the 1930's when times were tough and people were dealing with the Great Depression. The sound resonated through this period and depicted a time of despair as well as a time of hope. Lyrics were written to poke fun at the establishment, the government, and the person signing the song; no one was spared. The ability to add a bit of sassiness to your singing complemented the makeshift instruments used in early roots and jug bands.

Though there are no makeshift instruments on Her Garden of Joy, other than Kit Stovepipe a young roots music lover on jug and washboard, when you meld in Maria's vocals that carry the elements of sassiness and lightheartedness you are rewarded with a release that is equally fitting for the 1930's as it is now. The lyrics are apropos as they take jabs at today's hardships and troubled times lending humor on top of reality.

The music is lively and fresh, and Maria is at her best as she takes each track and adds her touch to make them come alive for the listener. You will be slapping your knee and laughing out loud while nodding in agreement at the lyrics.

The lead track  The Diplomat sets the pace with a rollicking banjo, bells, and guitar as Maria sings "I am just practicing my diplomacy,...Won't somebody throw me a bone, so I can chew it alone;.... the bank is out of money,... won't somebody let me catch a break,.. I am just practicing my diplomacy." The track Let It Simmer is simmering with Maria's sexy and pouty rendition as she shows us her great timing and ability to punctuate her lyrics to set the mood. The track title track Garden Of Joy melds blues, old timey music, and jazz. Bank Failure Blues has a long drawn out intro that sets the tone and Maria's vocals dig deep into her blues background. The release closes out with the track The Panic Is On and Maria sings "I can't get no work, can't drawn no pay,... nothing to eat, no place to sleep, dog gone, the panic is on,.. dem greedy politicians ruined everything,... I know we are going to come up with a real good plan."    

All of the tracks have their own distinct appeal and in the hands of Maria Muldaur "America's First Lady of Roots Music," along with a Who's Who of roots musicians, Her Garden of Joy blossoms. 

Websites where you can procure Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy are Amazon, My Music, Stony Plain Records, and iTunes.   

©November 2009. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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