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MacTalla Mor - Piping Hot and Jacob's Ladder PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F, Nesta   

MacTalla Mor - Piping HotThe Celtic-rock-funk-island-fusion band MacTalla Mór knows how to deliver a sound that will get you moving. 



MacTalla Mór - Piping HotMacTalla Mór - Jacob's Ladder   

MacTalla Mór - Piping Hot and Jacob's Ladder    

Piping Hot: Itchy Fingers Set; NINA (No Irish Need Apply); Claveness; Boomshakalaka; A World Turned Upside Down; House Destroyers; MacFadder's Virtues; I Am; The Devlin Within; The Leaving of Liverpool; Dee Dee Diddley Bop; Mason's Apron; Man From Skye; Hellbound Train

Jacob's Ladder: Gabam Molte Bridge; Dancing Feet Set; Foggy Dew; Jacob's Ladder; Boys of Blue Hill Set; Keg of Brandy; Pipe Solo; Stairway to Grace; Fear an Bhata; Mouth Music Set; Auld Lang Syne; Ceol-Tech  

Personnel: Jesse Ofgang: Great Highland bagpipes, low and tin whistles, backing vocals, percussion; Ilana Ofgang: keyboard, piano, organ, lead and backing vocals; Levon Ofgang: Great Highland bagpipes, backing vocals; Patty Devlin Ofgang: bodhran, backing vocals, Peter Orlanski: electric and upright bass, backing vocals; Nadav Snir Zelniker: drums, darabuka, backing vocals; Patty Wrobel: backing vocals; Anna Demasi: backing vocals; Cathy Hagan: backing vocals; Harry Ofgang: backing vocals   

MacTalla Mór  

MacTalla Mór produced Piping Hot and Jacob's Ladder. When you hear the saying, "keep it in the family," you should think of the Celtic-rock-funk-island-fusion genre band - MacTalla Mór. Yes, they carry the main genre of Celtic music, but that only scratches the surface of this multi-talented band. The Celtic drive comes from Jesse and Levon Ofgang on the Great Highland bagpipes, along with their mother Patty Devlin Ofgang playing the bodhran, an ancient Irish drum; mix in sister Ilana on keyboards and lead vocal, and brother Erik, songwriter, and the MacTalla Mór magic and musical fusion takes off.   

The MacTalla Mór pipers (Jesse and Levon) have won numerous awards at the Eastern United States Pipe Band (EUSPBA) sanctioned piping competitions, while Jesse is a multi-award winning and highly sought after bagpiper. To Jesse's credits are the coveted "MacCrimmon Quaich" from the Piobaireachd competition of Central New York, along with First Place medals in Piobaireachd competitions held in New York, Connecticut, and North Carolina. The only thing that holds the individuals back from more awards is that they are in demand to perform as a group, and once you hear them, you will understand the MacTalla Mór magic.       

The selection of songs for Piping Hot was very interesting, not just musically, but emotionally and spiritually; for MacTalla Mór is much more mature and focused than their young ages may lead you to believe. Ilana's haunting vocals on NINA (No Irish Need Apply) draws you to the plight of the Irish immigrants, and makes you feel for all immigrants who gave up everything to start a new life in the land of opportunity. Piping Hot's first track is a traditional Irish song entitled Itchy Fingers, and throughout the track you can hear the distinct sound and rhythm of a calypso beat, while the track is energized from the hot bagpipe playing, and you feel that Jesse and Levon are satisfying their itchy fingers as they dance along the chanter. The track Claveness has the ringing percussion and keyboards of island music, and is gets its drive and energy from the piping and a great drum solo. Boomshakalaka  brings together swing, bop and rock-n-roll while infusing piping that makes you wonder how they control the melody and starting and stopping of their notes, which is difficult with a bagpipe. A World Turned Upside Down features Ilana on vocals and her Irish heritage can be heard throughout, she feels this song from beginning to end.   

Jacob's Ladder leads off with three traditional Irish songs Gabam Molte Bridge, Dancing Feet Set, and Foggy Dew, and with each track you are carried by Ilana's voice as she shows that she is acutely aware of the proper timing and pace for traditional Irish music. The title track Jacob's Ladder is an original composition, written with a pop beat, but retains the traditional Irish music melody. Boys of Blue Hill Set is another traditional Irish song, but with the MacTalla Mór arrangement magic tossed in, it becomes a progressive rock-n-roll sound. The mix of original tracks along with the groups very creative and insightful arranging of traditional songs (Fear an Bhata, and Auld Lang Syne), along with the blending of classic rock-n-roll segments from Stairway to Heaven and Sky Pilot on the track Stairway to Grace, as well as segments from classics such as Amazing Grace, and Johnny Comes Marching Home, leaves you feeling that there is no musical limit or boundary for this family.         

Let the MacTalla Mór magic become part of your music collection, and you will always have a selection to play when you need to infuse some energy and creativity into a party.  

A few websites where you can procure MacTalla Mór - Piping Hot are MacTalla Mór, and CD Baby, and downloads are available at Sound Click.  

Note - Music Scene is not sponsored by any third party. All music that is written about in Music Scene are the views and experiences of the writer, and reflects a compilation of music, sent to us by musicians, producers, acquired during travel to unique destinations, recommended by our country host or a local resident, just happening upon a music event, searching out a Jazz club, or other live music venue.  

© December 2006. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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