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Lee Ritenour - Rhythm Session PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Lee Ritenour - Rhythm SessionLee Ritenour - Rhythm Session varies the rhythm section with a blend of Funk, R&B, Latin, and Pop that is rooted in a Jazz beat. Supported by top musicians such as Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Dave Grusin, George Duke, Christian McBride, and Marcus Miller, this is blend of the best-of-the-best of music, vocals, and artistry. 

Lee Ritenour - Rhythm Session

Lee Ritenour - Rhythm Session         

Lee Ritenour - Rhythm Session: The Village; River Man; Fat Albert Rotunda; 800 Streets By Feet; Children's Song #1; LA By Bike; Maybe Tomorrow; Spam-Boo-Limbo; July; Rose Pedals; Dolphins Don't Dance; Punta Del Soul

Personnel: Lee Ritenour: Guitar, Classical Guitar; George Duke: Fender Rhodes, Moog Synthesizer; Stanley Clarke: Acoustic Bass; Dave Weckl: Drums; Munyungo Jackson: Percussion; Ariel Mann: Synths Programming; Kurt Elling: Vocals; Dave Grusin: Fender Rhodes; Nathan East: Bass; Will Kennedy: Drums; Patrice Rushen: Acoustic Piano; Marcus Miller: Electric Bass Guitar; Melven Lee Davis: Electric Bass Guitar; Oscar Seaton: Drums; Deron Johnson: Fender Rhodes; Rob Bacon: Rhythm Guitar; Christian McBride: Acoustic Bass; Wesley Ritenour: Drums; Chick Corea: Piano; Alan Pasqua: Additional Piano; Chuck Berghofer: Acoustic Bass; Peter Erskine: Drums; Larry Goldings: Hammond B3 Organ; Sonny Emory: Drums; Zamajobe: Vocals; Tal Wilkenfeld: Bass Guitar; Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums; R. J. Benjamin: Background Vocals; John Beasley: Piano; Demetrius Nabors: Acoustic Piano, Additional Arranging; Hans De Wild: Hammond B3 Organ; Michael Feinberg: Acoustic and Electric Bass; Selim Munir: Drums;

Lee Ritenour - Rhythm Session was produced by Lee Ritenour and was released on the Concord Music Group label. With over 40 releases to his name over five decades, Lee Ritenour continues to create music that does not follow trends, but leads the way to new formats. Known for his innovative style, he is respected throughout the industry. The personnel who he surrounds himself with on Rhythm Session is a Who's Who of established musicians as well as award-winning newcomers. Lee Ritenour has believed in opening the door for newcomers and on Rhythm Session he includes winners of Ritenour's 2012 Rhythm Session Competition such as keyboardist Hans de Wild from Holland, pianist Demetrius Nabors form Michigan, USA, bassist Michael Feinberg from New York, USA, and Selim Munir from Turkey. In addition, Lee features the up-and-coming drummer Wesley Ritenour, Lee's son, who plays on the track 800 Streets by Feet.

The release opens with the track The Village featuring George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Dave Weckl, and Munyungo Jackson. A funky beat that resonates with a sold bass line set by Dave Weckl on drums, Munyungo Jackson on percussion, and Stanley Clarke on bass that creates the framework for Lee's guitar work.

River Man features the crooning of Kurt Elling whose voice is a perfect match to the emotional melody and lyrics as he sings "Going to see the River Man, going to tell him all I can about the plan, for lilac time. If he tells me all he knows about the way his river flows and all night shows..."  The track Fat Albert Rotunda is an up-tempo blend of Funk, Jazz, and Pop featuring the distinct bass playing of Marcus Miller and the piano work of Patrice Rushen; a rousing track that has a pulsating vibe.

The track 800 Street by Feet features Lee Ritenour's son Wesley on drums in an electro-fused arrangement with some well-placed synths and programming to create an engaging melody. Children's Song features the keyboard artistry of Chick Corea with Lee Ritenour on classical guitar; this is a moving and poignant arrangement that plucks at your heart with each key played by Chick Corea. The arrangement LA By Bike is a fast-paced duo between Lee on guitar and Sonny Emory on drums, saucy and vibrant with a splash of sass.

Other tracks on the release include Maybe Tomorrow featuring the Pop vocals of Zamajobe, Spam-Boo-Limbo an improvisational Jazz track with that distinct guitar style of Lee Ritenour feathered into the arrangement, July featuring the drumming prowess of Sonny Emory, Rose Pedals with a beautiful arrangement featuring Dave Grusin on acoustic piano, Dolphins Don't Dance a vibrant track with a scintillating high hat setting the pace for Alan Pasqua's piano work, and the release closes with the track Punta Del Soul, a pulsating track set in motion by Michael Feinberg on bass and Hans de Wild on Hammond B3 organ.

Lee Ritenour is known for his creativity and on Rhythm Session, he continues to blaze new trails with his unique blend of artistry, artists, and music.

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Websites where you can procure Lee Ritenour - Rhythm Session are Amazon, CD Universe, iTunes, and Concord Music Group.  

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