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Laura Kahle - Circular PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Laura Kahle - Circular Trumpeter, composer, arranger Laura Kahle makes her debut release as a leader with Circular, on the Dark Key Music record label. The 11-track album of original compositions makes the most of the talents of Laura Kahle, Orlando le Fleming, husband Jeff"Tain" Watts, Yosvany Terry, JD Allen, Claudia Acuña, and Monte Croft.


Laura Kahle - Circular  

Laura Kahle -Circular        

Laura Kahle Circular: Chance Encounter, Blackberry Garden (featuring Claudia Acuña, 20/20 Vision, Sweets, Circular, Passing the Time, Daize, Duality, The Well, Audax at Fidelis,Touch & Go 

Personnel: Laura Kahle - pocket trumpet & compositions, Orlandole Fleming - acoustic bass, Jeff "Tain" Watts - drums & percussion, Yosvany Terry - alto sax (tracks 3,5,7,9, and 11) and chekere (track 5), and J.D. Allen - tenor saxophone (tracks 3,5,7,9, and 11).  Special Guests: Claudia Acuña - vocalist (2), Monte Croft - vibraphone (2) 

Laura Kahle - Circular was produced by Laura Kahle and Executive Producer Jeff Watts for the Dark Key Music label.  

While reading the liner notes on Laura Kahle's album, Circular, itlisted that Laura played the pocket trumpet, which inspired me to make a quick trip to Wikipedia where I learned, "The pocket trumpet is a compact size B trumpet, with the same playing range as the regular trumpet. The tubing is wound more tightly than that of a standard trumpet in order to reduce its size while retaining the instrument's range. Although not having a reputation as a serious orchestral instrument, it has occasionally been used by soloists in jazz or other ensembles to add flair and variety." All I know is that after listening to Laura play the pocket trumpet on the album is that she clearly makes this instrument her own with deft fingering.   

Laura Kahle explains the release title as, "I call the CD Circular, because [music] is a kind of circular process for me. ... writing, the experimentation of performance and recording. My main objection was to get my compositions out."   

Although this is her debut recording as band leader, she has performed with Bill Lee and the Natural Spiritual Orchestra, and has arranged for Watts and the Danish Radio Big Band, Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the Branford Marsalis Septet featuring the music of Gil Evans.   

The album opens with the track, Chance Encounter, with a stunning solo by Laura on pocket trumpet, followed by a drum solo by husband, Jeff "Tain" Watts, and a harmonious blend of musicianship by the band.   

The second track, Blackberry Garden features the exciting vocals of Chilean singer/songwriter Claudia Acuña, singing in Spanish and English, and vibrant solo work by Monte Croft on vibraphone.    

20/20 Visionis a nod to the Laura's and husband, Jeff Tain Watts' mutual birthday of January 20th. Born in the United States, and raised in Queensland, Australia, Laura Kahle brings an international musicality to her work, and to her "two commissioned-derived pieces Daize and Audax at Fidelis, which means "bold but faithful" and is the motto of the Queensland state where she grew up." Other tracks include Sweets, Circular, Passing the Time, Duality, and The Well.   

Touch & Gois a lively piece featuring a signature Jeff "Tain" Watts' drum solo, followed by a short hidden track "Chance Encounter II" showcasing Watts on drum, Orlandole Fleming on acoustic bass, and Kahle on pocket trumpet, that perfectly rounds out her debut release, Circular, which does indeed come full circle, as was her intention.   

Websites where you can procure Laura Kahle - Circular are Dark Key Music, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and EMusic.  

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