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Lafayette Gilchrist 3 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Lafayette Gilchrist 3Jazz pianist Lafayette Gilchrist will have all your senses heightened after you listen to his creative and powerful release - Lafayette Gilchrist -3. 



Lafayette Gilchrist - 3    

Lafayette Gilchrist - 3                             

3: Visitors, In Depth, Spheres of Existence, The Last Train, Volcano Red, The Enquizator's Request, Inside Outside

Personnel: Lafayette Gilchrist: piano; Anthony "Blue" Jenkins: bass; Nate Reynolds: drums

Lafayette Gilchrist - 3 was released under the Hyena Records label and is a stripped down version of Lafayette, in band members only, from his seven-piece New Volcanoes band to a three-piece sound; this unique ensemble allows Lafayette to unleash his enormous creative talent. Starting out as an amateur boxer, then becoming a self-taught piano player at 17 years old is not a typical transition for a musician. If you take into account that I read that Lafayette does not own his own piano yet still practices 8 hours a day on other people's equipment, you get a glimpse on how he continues to transcend jazz music internally and externally. He literally writes and plays by his own rules, which culminates in creative, imaginative, and emotional tracks.

The tracks on 3 have many different influences such as the first track Visitors, which was written from a single visit by composer, bandleader, musician, and cosmic philosopher Sun Ra; the intro takes on a stellar sound while the entire track seems to be leading us through a fast paced journey as Lafayette attacks the keyboards at a speed that defies physical possibility. The track In Depth has the pride of James Brown and the depth of inquiry of Andrew Hill, which results in a groove that shows a bit of the wild side along with some improvisational transitions, a bit of James and a smattering of Andrew. The track Spheres of Existence was inspired by a selection of essays by the great Trinidadian scholar C. L. R. James with the tempo emulating the urgency of the world's condition; Lafayette has a unique ability to convey in notes and chords what others can only convey in words. The Last Train was conceived after a visit to a stop along the Underground Railroad, the song's melody and tempo conveys the slaves' desire for freedom, the passion for life, and the perils they undertook to obtain their freedom. Volcano Red is funky, jazzy, and with a bit of an edge to it; the track was written for his group The New Volcanoes, and as Lafayette stated, "It's the way I like my hand to play, like a pot boiling over." The track The Enquizators's Request is dedicated to "Ya," so sit back and enjoy the track that melds not only blues, jazz, and funk, but has Lafayette running the keyboard displaying his talent to take a sound to new levels while keeping the emotional connection with his band members. The last track Inside Outside came to Lafayette in a dream showing that his creative juices flow no matter the state of consciousness. Inside Outside contains a groove that builds throughout while holding your attention for the full 10 minutes; this is the perfect track to close out a release that will capture all of your senses.

3 leaves you feeling that Lafayette's fingers may never reach the speed of his creative mind, but that does not mean he will stop trying.

Websites where you can procure Lafayette Gilchrist 3 are Indie Jazz, Amazon, Jazzitude, CD Universe, and iTunes.

© August 2007. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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