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Jude Johnstone - Mr. Sun PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Jude Johnstone - Mr. SunMr. Sun reaches new heights for the confident, accomplished, and multi-talented Jude Johnstone.   



Jude Johnstone - Mr. Sun

Jude Johnstone Mr. Sun                

Mr. Sun: Mr. Sun, Over Easy, Don't' Tell Me That it's Over, Echoes of Blue, Sunday Evening, When My Ship Comes in, Baby, Don't' You Call My Name, So Bad, Winding Back My Heart, The Light of Day, One For Us          

Personnel: Jude Johnstone: Piano, Vocals, Pump Organ, Chimes, Melodica; Danny Frankel: Drums, Percussion, Bongos; David Piltch: Upright Bass; Mark Goldenberg: Guitar; Maxayn Lewis: Backing Vocals; Daniel Savant: Muted Trumpet; Dean Parks: Guitar; Marc Macisso: Alto Saxophone; Steven Bishops: Backing Vocals; Freddy Koella: Guitar; Jon Ossman: Upright Bass; Inga Swearingen: Backing Vocals

Mr. Sun was produced by singer/songwriter/musician Jude Johnstone and was released on the Bojak Records label. Mr. Sun is the third release that I have had the privilege to review (see Music Scene - Blue Light and On a Good Day) and with each release she continues to show a unique blend of confidence and growth as a musician. Her lyrics have always been my weakness; she has the ability to draw a picture or tell a story against a jazzy/bluesy rhythm accompaniment that sets her apart. There are times when a musician says that they know that all things seem right, the timing is perfect, and the music just flows, in Jude's case the result was Mr. Sun. Jude stated that the positive energy and creativity she felt during the recording sessions for her prior release Blue Light was her muse as she penned the tracks to Mr. Sun and was ready to start recording immediately after finishing Blue Light.

The title and lead track Mr. Sun encapsulates the emotions she felt creating this release, "light my way, let the music surround you, you know just what to say, to make joy all around you.... to know you, to know you, is to love you." Mr. Sun should become her signature track as it packs that unique rendering of melody, lyrics, and emotion that comes around so infrequently in a compilation. Over Easy follows with a sultry melody and vocals that meld with her storytelling lyrics: "she likes it easy, over easy, she likes the mambo, and the candle glow, ..., and what she's after, you won't quite know."

Don't Tell Me That it's Over bemoans the feeling of a breakup, of something special ending, and only in the hands of Jude does something emotionally gut wrenching as this sound so good. Echoes of Blue shows off her beautiful voice in tandem with the blissful sound of a muted trumpet. The tracks Sunday Evening and When My Ship Comes In are songs of true love, they tell of the extent that we will go on waiting for someone, being there for them, opening our soul and our heart to the thought of "I need you here with me, the way it used to be," (Sunday Evening) so "I'm gonna sail with you" (When My Ship Comes In).

Her ability to connect with her audience on so many different levels of feelings, emotions, and experiences through her arrangements and poetic lyrics is just a glimpse of the musical genius of Jude Johnstone. Yes, there are some sad songs, but this is not ‘the blues', this is a jazzy/bluesy reflection of what life is about and how if you look beyond today's challenges that things move forward. The term coming of age sums up Jude Johnstone, and she radiates on Mr. Sun 

Websites where you can procure Jude Johnstone Mr. Sun are CD Baby, Tower, CD Universe, Amazon, Music Stack, and Barnes and Noble.

© November 2008. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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