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Josefina Sanner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Josefina SannerSwedish sensation Josefina Sanner releases her self-titled debut CD; she is a storyteller who delivers a sound that is soft, warm, innocent, and sexy.   



Josefina Sanner  

Josefina Sanner        

Josefina Sanner: They can't grow up, All this time, Sirens, Nothing to lose but me, Reckless heart, Honestly, Walk, on, Hidden like a secret, Send that river home, Today, Without love, Big sky    

Personnel: Josefina Sanner: lead vocals, backing vocals, cello, organ, electric piano, piano, piano strings, acoustic guitar, percussion; David Nyström: backing vocals, bass, accordion, piano, keyboards, mellotrone; Mathias Blomdahl: acoustic guitars, harmonica, backing vocals, electric guitars; Magnus "Norpan" Eriksson: drums; Robert Östlund: drums; Jerker Eklund: acoustic guitar, bass; Jonas Lidholm: drums; Martin Van Schmalansee: guitars, bass; Fredrik Hermansson: piano, organ; Kjell Gustavsson: drums   

Josefina Sanner was produced by Josefina Sanner and David Nyström and was released on the Lovande Projekt label. The self-titled debut CD by Josefina Sanner is a release that I had been waiting on for some time. While in Stockholm, Sweden a few years ago, I experienced her perform at an outdoor event, at that time she only had an EP available; I reviewed a selection of her songs in Music Scene - Swedish Artists.

Her young exuberance was what I heard a few years ago, and this continues to define her sound. Josefina is a creative and skilled musician who understands how to balance her unique voice within her arrangements; she delivers a sound that is soft, warm, innocent, and sexy. She stated that her songs are about, "longing, memories and relationships that went wrong." You not only hear this in the lyrics and arrangements, but you sense she is dealing with her life through her music. I only know Josefina through her songs, but I feel this is a person who loves life regardless of the outcome. She paints a positive picture through her music, her voice, and her great smile; Josefina is a storyteller.

The first track is They can't grow up, and she sings of what it is to struggle as a young adult trying to be a grownup while at the same time trying to retain your youth. In her storytelling style, she brings just the right amount of innocence into the song through her vocals and the arrangement, then the tempo and the pacing change showing the character in her song has grown up; this an excellent lead track for the release.

The track All this time is a glimpse into how some people can only be themselves, and that they struggle trying to be someone or something else. The track leads off with the harmonica and guitar creating a buzz and an up-tempo pace before Josefina enters, while the interludes are carried by that distinct harmonica and guitar duet.

The track Sirens features Josefina covering all of the instruments (acoustic guitar, cello, piano, piano strings, and organ), as well as lead and backing vocals. This is my favorite track as it highlights the depth of her talent as a songwriter, musician, and arranger.

When I heard her a few years ago, I could see there was a lot of talent, but the songs were not tight.  The self-titled debut release Josefina Sanner shows that she has matured into her talent, and she has created a tight and well thought out release. I look forward to her future projects, and so will you after giving Josefina Sanner a listen, but for now let us enjoy this great release.

You can procure and/or listen to select songs off Josefina Sanner on the following web sites - Josefina Sanner, CD On, iTunes, and Klick Track.

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