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John Ellis and Double-Wide - Puppet Mischief PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

John Ellis and Double-Wide - Puppet MischiefWhimsical and creative describes John Ellis & Double-Wide - Puppet Mischief, which uses the band's New Orleans musicianship to turn memoriesfrom John's childhood experiences in to an innovative sound.


John Ellis & Double-Wide - Puppet Mischief  

John Ellis & Double-Wide - Puppet Mischief                   

Puppet Mischief: Okra & Tomatoes; Fauxfessor; Dewey Dah; Puppet Mischief; Carousel;Dubinland Carnival; Chorale; Héroes De Acción; This Too Shall Pass        

Personnel: JohnEllis: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet; Jason Marsalis: Drums; Matt Perrine:Sousaphone; Brian Coogan: Organ; Gregoire Maret: Harmonica; Alan Ferber:Trombone         

John Ellis &Double-Wide - Puppet Mischief was produced by John Ellis and released on the Obliq Sound label; this marks the second release of John Ellis with Double-Wide. Puppet Mischief layers in John's New Orleans music influence withhis childhood experiences of carnivals, state fairs, and clowns to create anassemblage of music that will have you smiling, laughing, and from time-to-timescratching your head.

John's arrangements utilizing the inimitable sounds of asousaphone, organ, bass clarinet, harmonica, and trombone are festive,fanciful, imaginative, and artistic. The opening track, Okra & Tomatoes is a play on life's perfect pairings and openswith a howling horn section that is like the siren of the Big Top beckoning youto step-right-up and come-on-in the show is just about to begin. Opening thedoor to a world where reality has taken a break, the band jazzes up the middlesections and gets the crowd warmed up for the ensuing tracks. The track Fauxfessor is a frolic New Orleans style where every turn provides anew musical adventure.

Dewey Dah is amelancholic track that coerces the listener into a feeling of fear and bewilderment.John's use of the tenor saxophone layered over the sousaphone and heartpounding drum beat complemented by the organ interludes builds to a fittingcrescendo. Now that Double-Wide has garnered your attention they roll into thetitle track Puppet Mischief, andmischief is what they create with a bit of mockery mixed in with a bit ofsilliness encapsulated by Gregoire Maret's superb harmonica work. 

The track Carouseldraws its influence from the sounds of the Midway and the music that drewcrowds to the shows, games, and rides. He plays with the listener creating afeeling of amazement and astonishment against a blues backdrop. He transitionsto the track Dubinland Carnival thatdraws a similarity to that of the barker calling out the next show, "hurry,hurry, step right up, get your ticket the show is about to begin." A soliloquyof drum and saxophone passages produces confusion and worry against a backdropof wonder.

The release also includes the tracks: Chorale, which is a short beautiful cut that features the horns; Héroes De Acción, a fantasy song thatJohn wrote as a soundtrack for an imaginary Spanish cartoon crime-fightinghero, and he truly captures the elements of a Latin hero jumping into and outof danger; and the last track, This TooShall Pass opens with the sobering sound of the sousaphone calming yournerves after a fun filled, frantic, exciting, and rewarding day under the BigTop with John Ellis & Double-Wide. 

Websites where you can procure John Ellis & Double-Wide - Puppet Mischief are John Axson Ellis, Play, Obliq Sound, J&R, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.  

© February 2010. Luxury Experience. Allrights reserved.
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