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Joe DeRenzo - Of Night and Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Joe DeRenzo - Of Night and Day CD coverOf Night and Day by jazz drummer, Joe DeRenzo.



                    Joe de Renzo

Of Night and Day. Time in, Mexican hat, Dante’s view, Lost in Hollywood, Take me back, Walks like this, Mountain song, Last lovers, Moroccan joyride, Dealing with my demons, We’re rolling
Personnel: Joe DeRenzo: drums, percussion, electronic keyboards; Tom Zink: acoustic and electric piano; Gannin Arnold: acoustic and electric guitar; Glen Berger: soprano sax; Kevin Axt: acoustic and upright electric bass; Russell Ferrante: acoustic piano; Jimmy Haslip: 5 and 6 string electric bass; Steve Crum: trumpet; Richie Gajate-Garcia: percussion

Of Night and Day ( was released by DeRenzo Productions. How do you recapture the passion that you had for music after 15 years of pursuing other avenues? Well, with Of Night and Day, you can hear how Joe DeRenzo did it, and did it with a hit. Teaming up with Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip of the band the Yellowjackets, they form the core of this release.

After spinning this release a few times, I had to shake my head in wonder on how anyone could deliver such a great sound after a 15-year absence from the jazz music scene. Joe DeRenzo stepped away from music in the late 80’s to pursue other ventures, but the music bug got to him and he returned in a big way. Joe is not about power on the drums or dominating the sound, he is about syncing up with the other artists and creating a tight sound. Jimmy Haslip on bass guitar has that unique ability to become ‘one’ with his drummer, creating a bass line that is very powerful on this release. Mix in the piano playing of Russell Ferrante and Tom Zink along with the other great line-up of musicians, and you have an inspiring release; add in Joe’s time-off from the music scene, and it makes this release all the more amazing.

“Time in” is the first track with the trio of Joe, Jimmy Haslip and Russell Ferrante playing off each other in a give and take. No one dominates the song, but the combination had me recall tracks from the 50’s and 60’s where the cuts were tight, alive and fresh.

“Mexican hat” follows “Time in” and again features the trio of Joe, Jimmy and Russell joined by Richie Gajate-Garcia on congas. “Mexican hat” opens up with Joe, Richie coming in with the congas and Jimmy establishing the bass line, and once they fuse you have Russell coming in on the keyboards creating a bold sound, and is my favorite track on the release.

You can feel that Joe had fun playing, producing and arranging Of Night and Day; even the titles of the tracks create a mischievous look into Joe DeRenzo – example – “Mexican hat”, “Lost in Hollywood”, “Last lovers”, “Moroccan joyride” and “We’re rolling”.

Joe DeRenzo ‘‘delivered the goods” on this release, and I know we can expect more great material from Joe in the future, but for now you have Of Night and Day to enjoy. 

Note – Music Scene is not sponsored by any third party. All music that is written about in Music Scene are the views and experiences of the writer, and reflects a compilation of music, sent to us by musicians, producers, acquired during travel to unique destinations, recommended by our country host or a local resident, just happening upon a music event, searching out a Jazz club, or other live music venue.

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