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Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda Jeff Lorber’s latest contribution, Jeff Lorber Fusion – Hacienda, shows that music fusion is still “in,” and in the hands of one of the founders of music fusion, it is a stellar set of eleven tracks of musical genius. Jeff knows how to blend, pace, transition, and funk like no one else, and with a Who’s Who of musicians the release takes flight.

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda     

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda: Corinaldo; Solar Wind; King Kong; The Steppe; Hacienda; Fab Gear; Raptor; Everlast; Playa Del Falco; Escapade; Dragonfly 

Personnel: Jeff Lorber: Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Synth Bass; Paul Jackson Jr.: Guitar; Jimmy Haslip: Bass, Additional Keyboards; Vinnie Calaiuta: Drums; Lenny Castro: Percussion; Eric Marienhal: Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone; David Mann: Horn Arrangement, Section Saxophones, Bass Flutes; Larry Koonse: Guitar; Jean-Luc Ponty: Violin; Michael Thompson: Guitar, Guitar Orchestration; Ed Mann: Marimba; Gary Novak: Drums; Dave Weckl: Drums 

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda was produced by Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip and was released on the Heads Up International label, a division of Concord Music Group Inc. The release of Hacienda marks the 25th release in the long, progressive, and outstanding career of Jeff Lorber that dates back to 1977.  To read other Jeff Lorber Fusion reviews see the Music Scene section for: Jeff Lorber Fusion- Galaxy and Jeff Lorber Fusion – Now is the Time.  

The release kicks off with the rousing track Corinaldo that sets the edge for the pace and tone of the release. The track is lead by Jeff’s blazing keyboard and the saxophone work of Eric Marienthal; this is a left jab right to your music senses letting you know you are in for a great sound. 

Solar Wind, featuring Larry Koonse on guitar carries the easy listening gene, but with a mutation of fusion and pace that livens up the sound, and along with the saxophone and driving baseline the song “rocks”. Borrowing from the great Frank Zappa, Jeff Lorber covers King Kong and uses 2 alumni of the band The Mothers of Invention in Jean-Luc Ponty on violin and Ed Mann on marimba. Frank Zappa would be proud of the musicianship that is found on this track as the band bends the sound and adda a funky twist to the track. 

The Steppe is a beautifully rendered poignant track and the keyboard energy catches and holds your attention throughout while the alto saxophone taunts you to surrender to the sound. The title track Hacienda is a playful track and the circular melody is catchy and will have you nodding and tapping along with the song. The track Fab Gear is a smooth jazz track, but nothing by Jeff is traditional, thus this is smooth jazz with some spice.   

The track Raptor is a funky track that kicks off with the flashy fingers of Jimmy Haslip on base and it never lets up on the funk and fun. Playa Del Falco is another stunning track and Jeff lets his fingers do the talking by expressing emotional elements across the sound. The track Escapade jazzes it up with some heavy grooves, while Everlast levels off with a nice ballad. The release closes with Dragonfly, a compilation of funk, jazz, sizzle, and some sass from the soprano saxophone. 

Jeff Lorber continues to expand the consciousness of fusion and funk while attracting a bevy of talented musicians to carry off his unique sound.     

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Websites where you can procure Jeff Lorber Fusion - Hacienda are Amazon, CD Universe, iTunes, Virgin Media, and Proper Music.  

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