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Hope Waits PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Hope WaitsThe self-titled release Hope Waits is an emotionally charged jazz release sung by a very determined, talented, and captivating performer whose voice was born to sing jazz and the blues. 



Hope Waits  

Hope Waits                           

Hope Waits: I'll be Satisfied, You Crossed the Line, Fortune Teller, Yesterdays, Get Behind the Mule, Ring Them Bells, Drown in My Own Tears, The Ballad of Judith Anne, Cigarettes and Coffee, Mother-in-law blues, Come Rain or Shine, Ignatius

Personnel: Hope Waits: vocals, guitar track 3; Peter Malick: producer, engineer, guitars; Butch Norton: drums, percussion, associate producer; Jeff Turmes: bass, string bass, guitar track 10; Jon Ossman: string bass, fretless bass track 3; Phil Parlapiano: piano, Hammond B3, accordion; Marco Godoy: engineer, capri organ track 5, piano and keys track 8; David Woodford: baritone and tenor sax tracks 1,4,7,9, horn arrangements 1,7; Lee Thornberg: trumpet, trombone tracks 1,4,7; David Marsh: clarinet tracks 4,6; Ducky Carlisle: doo wop track 2, snare-kick track 10

Hope Waits was produced by Peter Malick on the Radar Proof label. Born in a modest, humble home in Louisiana, weaned singing in a southern Baptist choir with the Salvation Army Church, Hope Waits was singing before she could walk, and was writing music at a very early age. Though she abandoned her music for a few years, when she was 21-years old she bought her first guitar and opened a new door on her musical talents, and did so with intensity, passion, and with her southern roots and upbringing tied to every note and lyric.

Though she currently resides in Los Angeles, the self-titled first release Hope Waits pulls from her southern heritage. Her voice is bluesy, enthralling, and it contains a hint of determination. The release opens with the track I'll Be Satisfied where she is seducing the lyrics accompanied by a sassy horn section, so turn down the lights and strike a match to the fireplace; this is going to be a special release. Track 2 You Crossed the Line punches through with a nice drum and bass beat that complement Hope's gripping vocals as she sings lyrics like, "you built a playpen outside of my front door," and "the next time you fill her a glass with my red wine, boy you best remember how it was you crossed the line."  Track three Fortune Teller is a well-written and well-delivered blues ballad that was written by Hope and Peter Malick. The lyrics, "your soul is like a river, just don't know where to flow, your love is like a river, it don't know where to go," seem to tell a story of her past and her travels searching for a direction, which she has found through her music. When she takes on the jazz standard Yesterdays, she captures that early 1930's tone and sound and does this track justice while fanning the flames on the logs in the fireplace. On Get Behind the Mule she livens up the pace, adds some swing and flex to the lyrics and the tempo. She covers the Dylan classic Ring Them Bells and shows her versatility while bringing a refreshing coverage of the always intense and story based Dylan lyrics. The way Hope covers the song Drown in My Own Tears (first recorded in 1956) will make you think that it was written for her. The song The Ballad of Judith Anne allows Hope to open up the tempo and pace, as well as stretch her vocal range while still caressing lyrics such as, "I walked the line like a good girl should." The track Cigarettes and Coffee does for her voice what three olives does for a martini. With the track Mother-in-Law Blues, she digs deep into her roots and belts out this blues standard with the best of them. When she sings the standard Rain or Shine, she slows the pace down and uses her engaging, sexy voice to emphasis each word providing a very alluring sound. The track Ignatius closes out the release, and as the ambers fade in the fireplace, this emotionally charged and vocally determined release leaves you drained and refreshed; too bad I do not smoke.  

Hope's music has freed her and provided a focus and direction, as well as a place to pour her heart out through her lyrics and sexy, husky vocals. The well-structured horn sections are a perfect complement to her vocals, pace, and tone.  

Websites where you can procure Hope Waits are CD Universe and Amazon

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