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Germany and Scotland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Innovative music from Germany and Scotland! Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Söhne Mannheims, and Max Mutzke from Germany, and the Peatbog Faeries from Scotland.

German – Creative, Innovative and Inspiring

The following three selections were recommendations from Mr. Dennis Moser of the Kempinski Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Munich, and I thank him for three great recommendations.

When you think “creative”, many thoughts cross your mind, and when it relates to music I like to think of talented musicians who continue to create a sound over a long period of time. The true testament to a creative and popular artist is to evolve and expand personally, as well as within their music. I do not mean popular via the airwaves, which are dictated by the spin-doctors of the music industry, but I defer to the power of the individual releases over time and how they hold their sound and energy. Listening to Marius Müller-Westernhagen's, a gold and platinum music performer, legendary actor and author, latest release entitled Nahaufnahme shows why this artist still remains prominent after a 30+ year career on the Germany music scene. The release contains 14 Adult Contemporary tracks, which show the diversity of this singer-songwriter. He started off as a Pop music performer, but over time he has blended all of his artistic talents, which you can hear within Nahaufnahme; though this is in the Pop genre it elicits a more refined sound and would be categorized as Adult Contemporary. Being introduced to German music through the talented Marius Müller-Westernhagen was a tremendous introduction, and on my next trip to Germany I will be looking to expand my collection of Marius Müller-Westernhagen’s works.

The group Söhne Mannheims's release entitled Noiz captures the essence of “innovative” with a sound that runs the genre spectrum of harmonizing vocals of traditional Pop music on the tracks Wenn Du Schläfst, Vielleicht, to a pure Rock sound heard on the track Von Anfang An Dabei, to a combination Rock/Hip Hop/Rap sound on the tracks Babylon System, König Der Könige, Traurige Lieder, and Im Interesse Unserer Gemeinschaft, to the big rock melody/harmonizing sound reminiscent of bands like Moody Blues on the tracks ZIONoizion, and Can You Feel It.  The 14 tracks on Noiz run the gamut of genres, but this very talented band can pull it off with superior harmonies, musicianship, and an understanding of tempo and flow that pulls the songs together.

Newcomer Max Mutzke created an “inspiring” release self-titled Max Mutzke, which was at gold status as of May 2005. He may be a new comer to the music industry, but he has made a tremendous impact on the German music scene. There are 13 tracks on the release and Max is the singer-songwriter on the German tracks schwarz auf weiß, du wirst seh’n, nur du, mehr als nur das, spür dein licht, and weg von hier, while he is the singer to various song writers, and sings in English, for the English tracks can’t wait until tonight, c’mon people, ain’t no sunshine, you, and catch me if you can, which was in the top 40 on the Germany music charts. In either language Max has great control of a song. A pop/rock release, on the scale of the artist Seal, this will mesmerize you, and coupled with a great beat it is excellent music whether you are running, biking or driving, it will inspire you through that last mile.

Scottish Fusion – Wow!

Peatbog Faeries How do you categorize the Peatbog Faeries's latest release Croftwork, how about WOW! Blending the haunting sound of Peter Morrison on Pipes (bagpipes) and Whistles, with Adam Sutherland on Fiddles, Mandolin, Glissando Guitar, Innes Hutton on Bass and Percussion, Tom Salter on Guitar, Leighton Jones on Piano and Keyboards and Iain Copeland on Drums and Percussion, you have a sound that is Rock, Celtic and Jazz, and as stated on their web site “is their most ambitious and dynamic offering to date”.  Energy is the key to this release, and you feel it throughout all the tracks and through all the instruments. Great tracks abound from The Anthropologist (Jazzy and beyond), to Scots On The Rocks (haunting pipes lead the way), the title song Croftwork (pipes, a hard drum line and fiddles are woven together), When The Seahound Left Me (Celtic/Rock), and Decisions, Decisions (electronic programming line with a fiddle) are just a few of the gems that Croftwork contains. I had the opportunity to experience the Peatbog Faeries live at Whisky Live during Tartan Week in New York in April 2005 (for information on Whisky Live and other Tartan Week events please read Liquor Cabinet, and Awards sections), and I was totally taken by their presence, musicianship and energy. Croftwork is the group’s fourth release and is truly “ambitious” and “dynamic”; prior releases were Mellowosity (1996), Faerie Stories (2001) and Welcome to Dun Vegas (2003). The band continues to inspire each other to new levels, and you can hear it on this release, and WOW is it worth it – walk, run or let your fingers do the walking on the Internet, but give Croftwork a listen.

Note – Music Scene is not sponsored by any third party. All music that is written about in Music Scene are the views and experiences of the author, and reflects a compilation of music, sent to us by musicians, acquired during travel to unique destinations, recommended by our country host or a local resident, or just happening upon a music event, or searching out a Jazz club, or other live music venue.

©June 2005.  Luxury Experience All rights reserved.

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