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Dwight Twilley - Green Blimp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Dwight Twilley - Green BlimpDwight Twilley - Green Blimp is 12 rock and pop infused tracks that reprise the creative lyrics, strong melodies, and progressive arrangements that have become the standard of the legendary rocker Dwight Twilley.

Dwight Twilley - Green Blimp 

Dwight Twilley - Green Blimp                      

Green Blimp: Get Up; Speed of Light; Me and Melanie; Let it Rain; Doctor; Green Blimp; You Were Always There; It's Never Coming Back; Stop; Ten Times; Witches in the Sky; It Ends 

Personnel: Dwight Twilley: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Harmonica, & Percussion; Bill Pitcock IV: Lead Guitar, Nylon & Acoustic Guitars, Horns, Bass on "Me and Melanie", "Doctor" & "Witches in the Sky";  Dave White: Bass, Baby Keys on "Stop", Answering Vocals on "You Were Always There", Percussion on "Ten Times"; Doug Wiley: Drums & Percussion; Bill Padgett: Congas on "Witches in the Sky" & Percussion; Brandon McGovern: Rhythm Guitar & Answering Vocals on "You Were Always There", Electric Guitar on "Stop"; James Barth: Arranged & Performed Strings on "Let it Rain"; John Cooper: Mandolin on "Green Blimp"; Michael Webb: Accordion on "Green Blimp"; Ray Hamilton: Percussion; Richard Keck: Percussion; Max Mullen: Percussion; Brad Zimmerman: Percussion; Susan Cowsill: Vocals on "Witches in the Sky"; Rocky Burnette: Vocals on "Witches in the Sky" 

Dwight Twilley - Green Blimp was self-released on the Big Oak Records label and was produced by Dwight Twilley. Always at the forefront of creativity and ideas, Dwight wanted to "kick start" as well as to help fund the self-release, so Dwight created a campaign run on his website ( and on Dwight is a legendary rocker who was influenced by the 60's sound, and cut his teeth as part of the 70's music scene with hits such as I'm on Fire and Girls. The release Green Blimp features 12 new pop music tracks laced with 60's and 70's musical influences, but with the Dwight Twilley twist.  

The release opens with the track Get Up, a hard rocking straight-ahead sound featuring great lyrics "Get up I'm tired of feeling down...It's alright you're living on the wire" and a driving guitar. The track Speed of Light is a progressive sound with a psychedelic melody, great harmonies, tight baseline, and memorable lyrics, which is what you would expect from a Dwight Twilley song. The track Me and Melanie projects a style similar to that of the Beatle's White album, a catchy arrangement, variable time signatures, and echo-based vocals that bring the early 70's sound into the 21st century. 

Let it Rain is a beautiful ballad with tender lyrics, affectionate guitar licks that accompany the vocals with both set to a simple but touching melody. The track Doctor grooves with a melodic guitar set to a tight drumbeat as Dwight "wants to play Doctor with Doctor with you." The title track Green Blimp is a lazy melody cast by the singular guitar strumming, the rare sound of an accordion, and a steady drumbeat backed by Dwight's vocals as he sings of simpler times when you could drift away in your music. 

The track You were Always There is a pop track that transcends time and features a great groove, lively vocals and harmonies, and lyrics that connect with the listener "You were always there, you lived in the air, you were always there. The love I had for you defined despair, it lived in the air, you were always there." 

Other tracks include It's Never Coming Back featuring Dwight on piano and vocals, Stop, a punchy rock and pop track with rolling guitar riffs that cut away to a solos, Ten Times, a love song with lyrics that speak to how much one can love another while waiting for a response, "Ten Times I told you I loved you,...Ten Times I called you at midnight, ten times you never answered the phone," Witches in the Sky featuring Susan Cowsill, of the legendary 1960's band The Cowsills, and a member of the Dwight Twilley band in the mid 80's, and Rocky Burnette, which is set against a psychedelic arrangement with sliced in guitar licks, a rollicking drum beat and mesmerizing vocals, and the release closes with It Ends a bass infused arrangement that drives along a constant guitar riff and drum beat as Dwight sings "Just like it begins, the ice is so thin, it ends." 

Websites where you can procure Dwight Twilley - Green Blimp are Dwight Twilley and Amazon.     

© September 2010. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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