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Dadi - Bem Aqui PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   


Dadi - Bem AquiBrazil is the epitome of romance with its rich rhythms and sensual sounds, especially in the talented hands of singer, songwriter, musician Dadi, joined by fellow Brazilians Marisa Monte, Seu Jorge, and Arnaldo Antunes on his album, Bem Aqui released on the Sunnyside Records label.



Dadi - Bem Aqui  

Dadi - Bem Aqui       

Dadi - Bem Aqui: Refém; Devo Lhe Dizer; Bem Aqui; Não Tente Compreender; Quando Você Me Abraça; Passando; Depois Da Chuva, A Banda; Não É Proibído; Voz De Comando; Por Que Não? Soraya

Personnel: Dominico Lancelotti: Drums, Vocals; Pedro Sa: Acoustic Bass; Dadi: Electric Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer; Percussion; Adriana Calcanhotto: Vocals; Pedro Sa: Acoustic Guitar; Moreno Veloso: Violoncello; Leilinha: vocals; Stephane San Juan: Drums, Percussion; Alberto Continentino: Acoustic Bass; Berna Ceppas: Scaleta, Chiquita; Kassin: Acoustic Bass; Rodrigo Barba: Drums; Felipe Pinaud: Flute; Armandinho Macedo: Mandolin; Ritchie: Vocals; Losinha: Vocals; Maico Lopes: Flugelhorn; Altair Martins: Trumpet; Bidu Cordeiro: Trombone; Monteiro Jr.: Saxophone; Daniel Carvalho: Drums; Andre Carvalho: Cymbals, Tambourine, Drums; Pedro Bernades: Guitar; David Binney: Saxophone; Arnaldo Antunes: Vocals; Moreno Veloso: Conga

Eduardo Magalhães de Carvalho, known as Dadi, is an outstanding musician, who over the course of his impressive career has worked with music legends including Mick Jagger, Rita Lee, Carlinhos Brown, Marisa Monte, Seu Jorge, Jorge Bem, and Caetano Veloso to name drop but a few, and enchants his listeners with his latest album, Bem Aqui, which is his debut release for Sunnyside Records. Of the 12 tracks, Dadi wrote, or co-wrote 11 of the tracks, with the lone cover A Banda, by Chico Buarque.

Since the engaging lyrics are in Portuguese, having lived in Brazil, I have translated some of the lyrics to convey the sentiments of this dazzling album. However, even without the English translation, Dadi captures the mood and delivers the goods musically speaking, to transcend language barriers, although the lyrics are wonderful and take the listener on the many ups and downs of love and run the gamut of emotions from playful to soulful. 

The album is catchy right from the opening track, Refém, (Hostage), which Dadi co-wrote with drummer Domenico Lancelotti, with exceptional interplay of guitar and drums that sets the pace and lyrics about spending lazy hours together  ... "Passava toda madrugada, passava a hora de almoçar, não se attenda o teléfono mais, e só tinha fome na hora do jantar" ... "mais, quero mais ... vai ficar," ... past dawn, past the hour of lunch, not answering the telephone anymore, and only getting hungry at the dinner hour ... more, I want more, I'm staying,  which definitely sets the mood for the rest of this delicious album. Personnel: Drums and Backing Vocals - Domenico Lancelotti; Bass: Pedro Sá; Electric Guitars, Fender Rhodes & Hammond: Dadi.

Dadi teamed up with Arnaldo Antunes to write the title track, Bem Aqui (Good Here), which is soft and seductive, a lullaby to sing to your special someone, and sums up love, short and sweet with the lyrics, "Pra qué ficar, mas pra onde ir? Todo lugar, tem o seu aqui. Se a gente vai, e vem, sabe onde está bem, está bem aqui." ... Why stay, but where to go? Every place, you are here. People go, and come, you know where it's good, it's good here. Personnel: Acoustic Guitar: Pedro Sá; Violoncello: Moreno Veloso; Dass Drum & Brush in Bass Drum: Domenico Lancelotti; Acoustic Guitars, Piano and Keyboard: Dadi; Backing Vocals: Leilinha.

Chico Buarque's A Banda (The Band) brings together an outstanding ensemble of musicians to create the Brazilian sound that compels you to grab your special someone and dance him or her around the room to the seductive rhythm of the horns. Personnel: Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Electronic Programations, Piano & Bass: Dadi; Snare Drum: Domenico Lancelotti; Backing Vocals: Leilinha and Losinha; Flute: Felipe Pinaud; Flugel Horn: Maico Lopes; Trumpet: Altair Martins; Bass Trombone & Tenor Trombone: Bidu Cordeiro; Saxophone: Monteiro Jr; Brass Arrangements: Felipe Pinaud.

The talented Marisa Monte lends her songwriting prowess on the playful and lighthearted collaborative track, Não É Proibído (Not Forbidden), which she wrote with Dadi as well Seu Jorge, who I had the pleasure of meeting pre-and post his New York concert. This track had me smiling as they open with singing about Brazilian comfort foods that bring pleasure, popcorn, coconut candies, banana sweets, chocolate sundaes, pumpkin with coconut, and on my feet dancing to the lyrics which extol, ... "Traz todo gente, tá liberado para dançar, toda tristeza deixa lá fora, chega pra cá ..." Bring everyone, you are free to dance, leave your sadness outside, and come. Personnel: Drums & Percussions Programations: Daniel Carvalho; Bass Drum, Cymbal & Tambourine: André Carvlho; Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Fender Rhodes & Hammond: Dadi; Side Guitar: Pedro Bernardes; Saxophone: David Binney.

Quando Você Me Abraça (When You Hold Me) written by Dadi and André Carvalho ends with the lyrics ... "Nossa evolução, é uma canção, é por isso, canto, canto, canto, canto tanto, tá facil de ver meu dom é você." ... Our evolution is a song, and so, sing, sing, sing, sing a lot, its easy to see that my gift is you.

Other outstanding tracks are Devo Lhe Dizer (I Should Say) written by Marisa Monte, Adriana Calcanhotto, and Dadi, with a lovely duet sung by Dadi and Adriana Calcanhotto; Não Tente Compreender (Don't Understand); Passando (Passing); Depois Da Chuva (After the Rain); Voz De Comando (Voice of Authority); and Por Que Não? (Why Not?) 

Dadi closes the album with his gorgeous instrumental piece, Soraya, which showcases his diverse mastery of instruments and gently brings the listener back to earth after a stellar virtual journey to Brazil. Personnel: Drums: Stephane San juan; Conga: Moreno Veloso; Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano & Keyboard: Dadi. 

Websites where you can procure Dadi - Bem Aqui are CD Universe, Amazon, Play, and Tower

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