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Cyril Neville - Magic Honey PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Cyril Neville - Magic HoneyMagic Honey, Cyril Neville's latest CD on the Ruf Records label is aptly named, and features Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, "Mean" Willie Green, Cranston Clements, Norman Caesar, Carl Dufrene, Walter Trout, Cyril's Royal Southern Brotherhood band mate, Mike Zito, and Cyril's singer songwriter wife Gaynielle Neville and son Omari Neville who add to the talent on this all-star line-up. The combination of the music and the musicianship add up to a perfect blend of Blues and Funk on the 12-track release.


Cyril Neville - Magic Honey

Cyril Neville - Magic Honey      

Cyril Neville - Magic Honey: Magic Honey, Swamp Funk, Something's Got A Hold On Me, Another Man, Still Going Down Today, You Can Run But You Can't Hide, Invisible, Blues Is The Truth, Running Water, Working Man, Money and Oil, Slow Motion

Personnel: Cranston Clements - guitar, "Mean" Willie Green - drums, Carl Dufrene - bass, Norman Caesar - keys, Cyril Neville - percussion and lead vocals. 

Guest Musicians: Allen Toussaint - piano on the tracks Another Man and Swamp Funk, Dr. John - organ on Swamp Funk, Mike Zito - guitar on Money and Oil and Working Man, David Z - guitar on Something's Got A Hold On Me, Walter Trout - guitar on Running Water, Gaynielle Neville and Omari Neville - backing vocals

David Z produced, recorded, and mixed the release with Thomas Ruf as the Executive Producer of Cyril Neville - Magic Honey, released on the Ruf Records label.

New Orleans native Cyril Neville has long established himself as a preeminent singer, songwriter, percussionist, poet, philosopher, and Grammy-award winner; expect no less from his latest stunning release, Magic Honey.

The release opens with the Cyril Neville track, Magic Honey that sets the delicious tone with Cyril singing, "... My baby is a queen bee ... magic honey dripping from her hive ...", and then slides into Swamp Funk, written by Mac Rebbenack and arranged by Cyril Neville featuring special guests, Allen Toussaint working his magic on the piano and Dr. John on organ.

Next in the line-up is the Paul Ebersole and Eugene Gales song, Something's Got A Hold On Me where special guest Dave Z slides into a stellar Blues guitar riff that rocks setting the opening for the lyrics, "...I got trouble, don't know what to do, it isn't about me baby, it's something about you..."  

Cyril and his singer/songwriter wife, Gaynielle Neville, share the music credits on the emotional lament Another Man, with its lyrics imploring, "...I know it's another man ..." once again featuring the talented fingers of Allen Toussaint on piano. On Still Going Down Today, Cyril and his Royal Southern Brotherhood band mate, Mike Zito, share the music credits.

Moving on, Cyril and the band, Cranston Clements, "Mean" Willie Green, Carl Dufrene, and Norman Caesar, kick into high gear for the Paul V. Butterfield and Henry Glover song, You Can Run But You Can't Hide. Having heard Cyril perform this song live during a performance with his other band, the Royal Southern Brotherhood, this a song that never fails to get the blood going.

The release continues with the Warren Haynes song, Invisible, a hard-hitting emotional Blues song with its lyrics, "... Look at my face these weather worn miles, If you ain't gotta dime brother, Could you spare a smile? Instead of looking right through me, Like I was invisible ..."

Cyril and Cranston Clements share the music credits on Blues Is The Truth, which could become an anthem for the Blues with "Mean" Willie Green nailing down a drum beat that creates a memorable segue for Cyril's vocals, with Cranston on guitar, Carl Dufrene on bass, and Norman Caesar on keys.

Walter Trout and Cyril share the credits on Running Water, which picks up the pace with special guest Walter Trout playing a mean guitar. Cyril and the band do an admirable cover of the Michael Bloomfield and Nicholas George Gravenites song, Working Man, and make it their own with Cyril's timing and phrasing and features Mike Zito on guitar.

Mike Zito and Cyril join forces again on the co-written song, Money And Oil, where guitarist Mike shows his off his enviable prowess, its lyrics proclaiming, "...Don't  matter how you feel, it's all about sell, sell, sell... it's all about money and oil..."  The release closes with the Cyril Neville song, Slow Motion.

Speaking about the release, Cyril writes, "It's a tasteful, well-cooked musical gumbo that I think will be pleasing to the palates of music lovers." I readily concur! Cyril has assembled an enviable ensemble of musicians to accompany him, along with stellar backing vocals by Gaynielle and son Omari Neville, on this romp through the Blues and Funk that delivers a thoroughly satisfying musical meal.

For information on upcoming performances, please visit the website:

To listen to samples of Magic Honey visit the website: Magic Honey - Ruf Records

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Websites where you can procure Cyril Neville - Magic Honey are Amazon, Cyril Neville, and Ruf Records.

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