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Chuck Loeb - Between 2 Worlds PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Chuck Loeb - Between 2 WorldsBetween 2 Worlds is the latest release from jazz guitarist extraordinaire Chuck Loeb; he brings together elements of his life, family, and influences, and lets the music be his voice.   


Chuck Loeb - Between 2 Worlds   

Chuck Loeb - Between 2 Worlds                      

Between 2 Worlds: Let's Go; Hiram; Mittens; Between 2 Worlds; Oh No You Didn't; Let's Play; Sò Tinha De Que Ser Com Você; The Great Hall; Mean Old Man; 360; Early Turns to Late

Personnel: Chuck Loeb: Guitar; Carmen Cuesta: Vocals (tracks 2, 4, 7); Lizzy Loeb:  Vocals (track 5); Eric Marienthal: Saxophones, Flute; Till Brönner: Trumpet solo (track 3); Nathan Eklund: Trumpet, Trombone (track 1); Brian Culbertson: Trombone solo (track 1); Pat Bergeson: Harmonica; Will Lee: Bass (tracks 1, 3, 5), Fretless Melody (track 2); Gerald Veasley: Bass (tracks 2, 6); Dieter Ilg: Bass (tracks 8, 11); Dave Weckl: Drums (tracks 1-3, 5-7); Wolfgang Haffner: Drums (tracks 4, 8-11); Bashiri Johnson: Percussion (tracks 1-3); David Charles: Percussion (tracks 5, 7, 10, 11)

Chuck Loeb - Between 2 Worlds was released on the Heads Up International label a division of Concord Music Group. Between 2 Worlds is a symbolic title not just for the tracks being recorded in the USA (the first 7 tracks) and in Berlin, Germany (last 4 tracks), but as much for the departure from Chuck's format of an orchestrated release with keyboards and programming to as he says "...more of an open sound, and there's more room for me to be the driving force on the record - harmonically, texturally, and melodically." (Read the review of Chuck Loeb - Presence in the Music Scene section.)

Joined by his wife Carmen Cuesta, his daughter Lizzy, and a "Who's Who" of talented musicians from both sides of the world, the release places Chuck front and center showing he has learned the art of blending, bending, and leading, while letting the music be the last statement.

Chuck is also a student of music and someone who respects the contributions of other musicians, so he has dedicated many of the tracks, not just through words, but through his playing, to fellow musicians for their past and continued contributions.

The opening track Let's Go, which he wrote will get the blood flowing as well as draw your attention to the music with a rousing guitar that sets the tone and pace along with a brash horn complement. The track Hiram is dedicated to Hiram Bullock a friend of Chuck, a guitar hero, and continuing inspiration; with a soft opening of guitar chords framed by the slight tapping on the cymbals, the music drifts from Chuck's fingers through Carmen's poignant chanting creating a moving and inspirational song.

The track Mitten is straight ahead and direct, letting the musicians meld together and hold their own to Chuck's refrains, a classic Chuck Loeb song, but minus the orchestrated setting. The title track Between 2 Worlds is a Latin-flavored track that was a collaboration between Chuck and his wife; Carmen's beautiful chants create that mystical Latin feeling and swagger. Oh No You Didn't was a collaboration between Chuck and his daughter; the track is funky with layers of Rhythm and Blues with Lizzy showing a vocal style that is beyond her young age of 22. Let's Play was dedicated to jazz guitarist extraordinaire Mike Stern, who Chuck calls "a tireless guitar hero"; Chuck lets it all hang out as he runs his fingers through the strings generating enough energy to light up a room.

Nodding his respect to a legend and showcasing the beautiful vocals of his wife Carmen, Chuck selected the timeless track Sò Tinha De Que Ser Com Você by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Carmen picks up the rhythm and sway of the Brazilian melody to perfection and renders a special rendition of this classic.

The Great Hall is dedicated to Jim Hall who Chuck calls "a guitarist's guitarist," and who was Chuck's teacher when he was seventeen, and as Chuck notes "he is still working on his lessons." Well, the student has truly learned his craft from writing, arranging, and playing and he brings it all together with an inspirational and mystical track, which reflects the Zen-like qualities that Chuck felt Jim had.

The release closes out with the tracks Mean Old Man, a song that will mesmerize you with a duet between Chuck's guitar and the snare drum; 360, which is dedicated to Pat Metheney who Chuck says "covers all 360 degrees of music;" and the last track is closure to a special release with a beautiful and moving song, Early Turns to Late, which is a collaboration with his daughter Lizzy and is dedicated to Chuck's parents.         

Websites where you can procure Chuck Loeb Between 2 Worlds are CD Universe, Concord Music Group, Amazon, Tower Records, and Max Albums.   

© May 2009. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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