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Cariad Harmon - Four Letters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Cariad Harmon - Four LettersThe debut release Four Letters by British born songwriter, singer, performer Cariad Harmon uses stirring lyrics and compelling arrangements of jazz, pop, and blues to paint real life situations that her audience can feel.


Cariad Harmon - Four Letters

Cariad Harmon - Four Letters                 

Four Letters: Let It Go; Jennifer; Four Letters; Now I Just Want To Be Loved; Hurricane; Miss You; It Don't Show; Goodbye; $100 Bill; Count On Me    

Personnel: Cariad Harmon: Vocals, Guitar, Piano (Now I Just Want to Be Loved); Oli Rockberger: Piano; Gary Schreiner: Accordion, Harmonica, String Arrangement (Miss You); Rich Stein: Percussion; Garth Stevenson: Bass and Effects (Let It Go, $100 Bill); Paul Nowinski: Bass (Hurricane, It Don't Show); Chris Abell: Bass and Percussion (Hurricane); Mocean Worker: Bass Effects (Hurricane); Christian Howes Productions: Strings (Miss You); Yoed Nir: Cello (Goodbye); Jonathan Goldberger: String Arrangement (Four Letters); Roman Molino Dunn: String Arrangement (Goodbye)       

Cariad Harmon - Four Letters is the debut release for British born Cariad Harmon on the MOWO! Inc label. To say that Cariad has taken as circuitous route to her debut release would be an understatement. Traveling in Australia she picked up a guitar and performed her way to a handful of free nights at a youth hostel before taking her newfound love of music and her guitar back home to London and the Brighton area. Performing live in various pubs around Brighton provided her with an understanding of how to adapt her style to connect with the pub patrons, which comes into play throughout Four Letters. Her excitement for performing live took her to Boston and then on to New York City, but once she became immersed in the music scene she felt her technique needed to be polished. Not totally deterred, she continued to work in the music industry always learning and connecting with fellow artists. Finally, her break came and surrounded by friends from her time in Boston and New York, Four Letters became a reality. Four Letters contains 10 original tracks that reflect the self confidence that Cariad now carries and projects through her lyrics and musicianship.  

Four Letters starts with Let It Go, which is a beautifully arranged duet of Cariad on vocals and Oli Rockberger on piano. She does not attempt to overpower her listener or make a dramatic introduction, but engages her audience with class, charm, character, and above all respect for her trade. With lyrics that speak of friendship, caring, and trust she sings "Lay your burden down with the ones you love; Make it through the day and let that be enough; ..., You don't have to forgive them darling, but you do need to let it go."

The track Jennifer is a personal story of the pain felt when a loved one takes ill, it is told through a poignant and powerful arrangement complemented by tender and compelling lyrics. The gift of one person's love cascades across others and touches people in special ways and when Cariad sings "Jennifer come on; Prove them wrong; Come on, come on, prove them wrong," you know that she is singing about a person with a strong will and presence.

The title track Four Letters started off as a track for a movie soundtrack, though a beautiful song, it did not fit the tenor of the movie and Cariad and her collaborator wrote another track, but the track Four Letters became the foundation for her debut release. Cariad writes songs from her heart and from personal experiences which makes songs from Four Letters so special. Four Letters speaks to a relationship that many people have been through, where you are a part of something but at times the relationship seems foreign and distant. Her ability to capture elements of real life situations and connect them through her music and lyrics creates songs that relate with her audience on many different levels.

The track Hurricane changes pace with a playful jazzy melody that she uses to tell the story of a woman going through a breakdown. Her arrangement works the notes from the upright bass to punctuate her lyrics as she crisply cuts her words and meanders through this emotionally charged track.

Four Letters includes torch-like songs such as My Heart, It Don't Show, Goodbye, Now I Just Want To Be Loved, $100 Bill, and Count On Me. Each track draws on different instruments to control the pace and project a tone that complements the mood and feeling that she is singing about. Creative arrangements, stirring lyrics, and the captivating storytelling of Cariad Harmon add up to a truly special release.      

Websites where you can procure Cariad Harmon - Four Letters are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, CD Universe, and Jazz Store.   

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