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Brazilian Assortment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Wanda Sá com João Donato, Samba Lanço by Carlos Lyra, Marina Lima, orquestra sinfónica petrobras pró música, orquestra sinfónica petrobras pró música, and Ney Matogrosso Pedro Luis e a Parede.

Well what can I say, I do love Brazilian music, not just from my passion for the country and the people, but as much for the energy that I get every time I hear the rhythm of the music. From Brazilian Pop Music, through the traditional Samba and Bossa Nova, as well as the Classical Interpretations, there is a pulse and life to the music from Brazil. The country is alive with activity, and the people cherish life, the beaches, the sun and the verve of the vast and diversified country, all of which you can hear in the music of Brazil.

Let me start with a great Adult Alternative CD entitled Wanda Sá com João Donato, which has a samba rhythm infused with piano, Spanish and electric guitar, percussion and an assortment of wind instruments such as the flute and saxophone. Along with the great beat, the vocals sung by Wanda Sá and lyrics are great. Though most songs are sung in Portuguese, there are a few in English, Wanda’s voice and the lyrics seem to ring in your head from song to song. This is an assortment of music that will have you tapping your feet, fingers, and moving your body to the sounds.  The piano, played by João Donato, is an instrument that allows for the samba sound to ring through, and for this ensemble of songs, João Donato’s playing truly makes this CD special.

Continuing with the Samba sound, I would recommend Samba Lanço by Carlos Lyra. When you speak of a genre of music, there seems none more versatile then the Samba, with the way it wraps its soft and flowing sound around a set of vocals and instruments. In this case, the music shows-off this versatility through the vocals sung by Carlos Lyra, and accompanied by Helvius Vilela on piano, Adriano Giffoni on electric bass guitar, Carlos Malta on tenor sax and flute, and Ricardo Costa on drums. The melody and rhythm are softer then other samba sounds, and though you have the samba sound flowing through your head, this is a CD to listen to and relax with a good book, good friends or with a cocktail out by the pool on a warm summer evening.  The love of music is not only in the sounds, but in the way it makes you feel, and how it fits different times of the day, or times of your life, the samba has a sound for all times, as does this CD.

The sounds of Brazilian music are never more present then in an acoustic set by Marina Lima – Acústico.  I love acoustic sets, as you can hear the raw energy of the background instruments and vocals through to the pure power and energy from the performer, in this case Marina Lima. When this Pop musical selection was recommended, the discussion was on how Ms. Lima works the audience while she weaves her musical spell throughout the songs on the CD. The opening song Virgem brings the audience into the evening and sets the tone, followed by o chamado which features the power of the background instruments, then on to pra começar where she gets the audience involved and clapping to the rhythm of the music. The only bad part was that I was not in the audience to experience this magical evening of music and entertainment.

Moving from Samba to Pop to Classical shows the vastness that is Brazilian music. I was given the next CD by a good friend, Gregorio, who loves music-all types of music, as much as I do. The CD is entitled orquestra sinfónica petrobras pró música.  Though the lead selection is from the Broadway Musical Porgy and Bess a symphonic portrait, the second selection is from the Brazilian legend Tom Jobim entitled Eu sei que vou te amar and shows the depth and interpretation of Mr. Jobim’s music with a full orchestral accompaniment. The third selection is Suite Cenas Brasileiras composed with a solo piano performance by Wagner Tiso. This is a Brazilian CD that incorporates all the elements of the sounds, feeling and passion of Brazil.

As with all countries, there are times that standout, where the music of the time is as important to the time as the events, in this case the music from the movie Cidade de Deus (City of Gods). The time is the ‘70s, and the music reflects the charged emotional environment of the period and the people in this true story. The first selection has the melody of the song Shaft with the infusion of the cuí­ca, a unique instrument which is to Brazilian music, as what the electric guitar is to rock-and-roll. The tracks ring with the full horn sounds, reflective of the music of the ‘70s, and the continued infusion of the cuíca. If you love the ‘70s sound, as well as the unique sounds of Brazilian music, this is a great compilation of a period of time.

My final selection for this month is special, as it was an evening shared amongst good friends, with good Scotch, and great music, all the elements that make for memorable times, and for which every time I listen to the CD brings back all those elements. Debra and I had the pleasure of attending a live concert, by Ney Matogrosso Pedro Luis e a Parede, with our friends Gregorio and his daughter, Emi. The lead singer Ney Matogrosso started out in the ’70s, under the similar costume look of Kiss, and has continued to mesmerize his audience over the past 25+ years by infusing his unique sound with different bands, which provides a fresh sound to his music, as well as new opportunities for the bands he works with. Regarding the Scotch, well I guess that shows our age, as we were indulging in a single malt during a Rock concert; times change but some things just get better. Hearing the music live really showed off this very talented group, Pedro Luis e a Parede. The group is comprised of 9 musicians under the leadership of Pedro Luis; they play non-traditional rock-and-roll genre instruments such as classical guitar, mandolin, and an assortment of percussion instruments. The band worked the entire stage, which created both a unique visual element and sound.  

Note – Music Scene is not sponsored by any third party. All music that is written about in Music Scene are the views and experiences of the author, and reflects a compilation of music, acquired during travel to unique destinations, which was recommended by our country host or a local resident, or just happening upon a music event, or searching out a Jazz club, or other live music venue.

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