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Al Basile - Soul Blue 7 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Al Basile - Soul Blue 7The seventh solo release by Al Basile, Soul Blue 7, forms a tighter bond between his poetic and storytelling lyrics and his soulful and bluesy vocals and music. He has the unique ability to affect the desired emotion from his music to complement his lyrics. 


Al Basile - Soul Blue 7

Al Basile - Soul Blue 7                  

Soul Blue 7:  Housekey Blues; Dollar to a Dime; You Showed Me Something; Lonely Are the Brave; I Hope You're Right; Causing Joy; This Dream (Still Coming True); Where Are You Tonight; Wrong Love; Give It Like You Get It; Fool Me Again; Today's Your Birthday; Termites in My Basement   

Personnel: Al Basile: Cornet, Vocals; Duke Robillard: Acoustic and Electric Guitar; Marty Ballou: Acoustic and Electric Bass; Mark Teixeira: Drums, Bongos, Percussion, Rainstick; Bruce Katz: Piano, Organ; Rich Lataille: Alto Sax; Doug James: Tenor and Baritone Sax; Carl Querfurth: Trombone     

Al Basile - Soul Blue 7 was produced by Duke Robillard and released on the Sweet Spot Records label. Soul Blue 7 marks the 7th solo release by Al Basile. To read reviews on other Al Basile releases visit the Music Scene section for Al Basile - The Tinge and  Al Basile - Groovin' in the Mood Room. What I find makes Al Basile's music intriguing is how his music reflects the poet and writer in him, and how he uses the music's pace and melodies to accent the poetry or the story within the lyrics.

The lead track Housekey Blues is a catchy swing tune that renders melodies in sync with the temperament  associated with the highs and lows of anticipation and excitement that you feel as you are about to surprise someone special while wondering, will they want me; in the end the excitement is dashed as the person is not there. The track Dollar to a Dime gets down and dirty with some funky blues that works its magic to his vocals as he sings "You're just about to lose a friend, Bet you a dollar to a dime." The track You Showed Me Something jazzes up the release and brings a different element to his sound as he mixes jazz and swing. Al slows it down with the track Lonely Are the Brave and he brings some soul to the release as he sings "Lonely are the fearful, and Lonely are the Brave." This is a track with depth and feeling that captures all the raw elements of his music.

Bringing the tempo up a few notches he drops in the track I Hope You're Right and has fun projecting his vocals on top of a rollicking melody; this will surely have you singing along and smiling. Causing Joy has some pop and jazz undertones that meld together nicely to carry the pace for his poetic lyrics "She's my paper, I'm her pen, we're up to our old tricks again." Moving deftly between formats he brings back the blues with the track This Dream (Still Coming True) and another great story of love lost. Where Are You Tonight is a soul ballad that captures the heart of the listener through his poignant lyrics "When I told you that I Love you, you said you loved me too.....I still have to wonder, where are you tonight." 

He brings the release home with the tracks Wrong Love a pop song mixed with some synthesized jazz to create an alluring composition; Give It Like You Get It  is a bluesy track carried by Al's expressive lyrics as he belts out "You have to give it like you get it when the getting' gets good." Other tracks include Fool Me Again with a great baritone sax to create the mood; Today's Your Birthday featuring the horn section front and center complemented by a hard driving baseline; and the release closes out with Termites in my Basement that opens with a haunting harp playing the blues, the type of blues that come from the feeling of getting old and seeing things pass you by "Termites in my basement, whole lotta work goin' on down there....I'm gonna have to leave here, and say goodbye to all my dreams."

Al Basile's music is a series of short stories, and he crafts his music in a way to ensure the right mood and feeling complements the lyrics to make each story come alive. 

Websites where you can procure Al Basile - Soul Blue 7 are J&R, Amazon, Silver Platters, CD Universe, Best Buy, and The Jazz Store.   

©September 2009. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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