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Catherine Tuttle Interview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Catherine Tuttle An interview with 19-year old singer/songwriter Catherine Tuttle.



Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Catherine Tuttle, who is an extremely talented 19-year old singer/songwriter. Edward F. Nesta reviewed her debut Candid Records release, “What will they find” in December 2005.

                                         Catherine Tuttle


Catherine, I’d like to congratulate you on your November 15, 2005 release of  “What will they find.” To say that you have had an interesting life thus far would be an understatement. You play piano, guitar and bass; started writing songs at 13; and by the time you were 16, your parents gave you studio time as a present, which resulted in your first CD entitled “Peel”.

While other teenagers were out playing school sports, you were playing the Philadelphia coffee houses. How did that come about? 


Performing is always something that I have enjoyed, and I had a body of music that I wanted to share. Also, I loved the music community, and it was something that I wanted to be a part of.

I know that your parents are musicians; how did you choose music, or was music just a natural course of living with musicians? Also, is that your mother singing back-up vocals on “What will they find”?

I was influenced by what was playing around the house, but my parents always had day jobs, so although I was influenced, it was not something that was pushed on me. My father is a bass player, and yes, my mother, Lucie, is singing back-up vocals on my new CD.

At what age did you begin playing musical instruments?

I started playing the piano at 7, taking classical lessons at school. As a kid though, I didn’t like to practice, so I got away from classical lessons. When I was about 12, I went back to studying the piano, this time with a friend of the family, who taught me how to use the piano as a tool for songwriting.

According to your bio, you also paint and act. It seems like you really have a lot of “right-brain” activity going on. Do you still paint, and if so, what type of painting, and will one of your paintings be used for the cover art for a future release?

I paint in oils, but at the moment, I only sketch, because at school, the set-up would be a bit much for a dorm room. Maybe next semester I will take a Fine Arts course so I can paint. As for one of my paintings being on a future CD, hopefully, but who knows.

Regarding acting, what have you done; school, community plays, or films?

I started doing local community theatre when I was about 7 or 8 years old, and got involved in drama in High School. Maybe I will take a drama class at Harvard.

You sing, you play musical instruments, you act; do you dance, too?

Well – no. I like to dance, but I have never taken dance lessons, so I wouldn’t call myself a dancer.

You’re a freshman at Harvard, 19 years old, with a second CD out. What are you studying, and how do you balance your studies, college life, and music, or is juggling another skill you picked up?

I have not declared a major yet, but I am leaning towards comparative religions or romance languages. I took a course in comparative religions this semester and I enjoyed it very much.

As for juggling, I’m getting there, but I am not there yet. I feel like I’m pushing a truck down the street and trying to catch up with it.

What languages do you speak?

French, Spanish and of course, English. I would like to study Portuguese next.

How did UK Jazz producer Alan Bates, who discovered Jamie Cullum, another young talent, find you?

It is kind of a funny story. I put my first release “Peel” on the internet on a website called, One day I received a call from Alan Pardo of Candid Records in the Philippines, who was scanning the website for new artists. He called to ask if I would be interested in working with them on a distribution deal. I said yes, and he told me that Alan Bates in the UK would call me. I thought that he was giving me the brush off, but then Alan called me one week later, and invited me to go to the UK.

You wrote all of the songs on “What will they find” with the exception of “Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass; who influences you and who do you like to listen to?

Actually a wide range of artists; and I was also influenced by my parents who listened to the Rolling Stones, the Beetles and Ella Fitzgerald. My mom is a fan of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Torie Amos. I like Smashing Pumpkins, and although “Pop” is a dirty word, I liked Hansen and it was the first CD that I bought with my own money.

For this project you worked with Glenn Barrett again, and play with some amazing Philadelphia talent: guitarist Jeff Lee Johnson (Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel), Bassist Chico Huff (James Taylor, Carly Simon), and Percussionist Doc Gibbs (George Benson, Eryhak Badu). How did you find working with such seasoned professionals?

I have worked with Glenn Barret since the beginning during my studio time. I met with him and he had a vision – a direction for the material. He has a musical ear, is a very talented person, and was so careful and respectful of me; he gave me such a good start.

I loved working with these guys. Glenn selected them, and we worked well together. These guys that played with me are amazingly talented, creative, yet such humble guys, and really treated me as a peer.

Like respecting like, obviously.

Are you still playing or taking a break from music while at school?

It’s hard, because I took a week off from school to promote the CD, but I am trying to do Boston. Also, close to summer, I will tour the East Coast, and I had a concert in Philadelphia at the Tin Angel on December 23, 2005.

Is your release “What will they find” available in Europe yet?

The CD will be released in the UK in February 2006.

Look for more from Catherine Tuttle in the future, as she is definitely a rising star to watch.

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