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Nominated for Tales of the Cocktail 2008 Spirit Award for Best Cocktail Writing

Xellent Swiss Vodka PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Xellent Swiss VodkaWhen people think of Switzerland, vodka is not usually what comes to mind but that will soon change, when they try Xellent Swiss Vodka, the first and only Swiss vodka.


Leave it to the Swiss who have raised chocolate making to an art form, and watch making that sets the standard for the rest of the world, to jump into the vodka market and develop vodka from grain. It should be noted though, that their seeming lateness to produce vodka is only because pre-1999, it was illegal to distill grains grown in Switzerland. However, with tenacious Swiss ingenuity and inspiration from the family-owned DIWISA (Distillery Willisau, SA), the law was changed, and DIWISA created Xellent Swiss Vodka to become the first and only Swiss vodka.

Xellent Swiss Vodka
Xellent Swiss Vodka

DIWISA, located north of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, has been in operation since the early 1900's, and has created Xellent Swiss Vodka from bread-quality Swiss rye grown in small quantities at high altitudes, and with water from the highly oxygenated and mineral rich Titlis Glacier. As would be expected, Xellent Swiss Vodka is made with Swiss precision and is first distilled in a small copper alembic, and then twice distilled in a small copper column still with 45 plates; the end result is vodka that is over 96% pure. After resting for several months, the glacier water is added to finish this exceptional vodka.

I found Xellent Swiss Vodka to have herbal, mineral and even a hint of cocoa notes on the nose, to be slightly sweet and with an inherent full-bodied creaminess on the palate, and lasting warmth that would make brandy-carrying St. Bernard dogs in the Swiss Alps redundant. Beautifully presented in a traditional Swiss red bottle, Xellent Swiss Vodka is super-premium vodka that is 40% alcohol by volume, and would definitely add pizzazz to your bar and to your palate. Xellent Swiss Vodka is available from The Spirit of Hartford, LLC

Xellent Swiss Vodka is delectable sipped cold and neat as well as in cocktails, and this spirit let my creativity run wild to create some interesting cocktails as well as a few tempting food recipes. People that know me know that I like to include a bit of alcohol in whatever food recipes I create.

The Recipes

Luxury Experience's Xellent Swiss Precision

Luxury Experience's Xellent Swiss Precision

Since vodka has long been a favorite spirit for martinis, and kirsch is a traditional Swiss cherry eau-de-vie, I thought that they would work well together in a martini. Combined with a hint of dry vermouth, and a chilled martini glass rimmed with melted chocolate, Swiss of course and you have the makings of Luxury Experience's Xellent Swiss Precision.


Xellent Swiss Vodka






splash dry Vermouth



Swiss chocolate, dark, bittersweet or milk

Melt the chocolate in a metal bowl over a pan of simmering water, and remove from heat. Carefully roll the edge of the martini glass in the melted chocolate. Place the glass in the freezer to chill glass.

Fill a large bar glass with ice, add the Xellent Swiss Vodka, kirsch, and dry vermouth, cover with the metal shaker top, and shake hard until the metal is frosty. Strain into the chocolate-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a fresh bing cherry.

Luxury Experience's Xellent Cosmopolitan Sorbet

Luxury Experience's Xellent Cosmopolitan Sorbet

The Cosmopolitan (vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and Cointreau) is definitely a popular vodka cocktail, so when I was thinking of food recipe ideas, I thought why not make a Cosmopolitan sorbet? The result is a luscious sorbet that is delicious as a palate cleanser between courses, or to serve as a dessert with mixed cut fruit sprinkled with Xellent Swiss Vodka.



lime, zest removed, green part only



cranberries, fresh or frozen




In a blender, add the lime zest, cranberries and sugar, and process until fruit is fine and incorporated in the sugar (approximately 2 minutes).

Add 1½ cups of water to the fruit and sugar mixture in the blender, and liquefy for another 2 minutes. Pour the mixture in a saucepan. Add 1 cup sugar, and let simmer for 3 minutes, or until sugar is completely dissolved. Add ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice and 2¼ cups of water to the mixture and let cool.

When cool, add ½ cup of Xellent Swiss Vodka and 1 teaspoon of Cointreau and pour into a covered container and freeze for several hours in the freezer. When the mixture is partially frozen, remove the mixture from the container and blend it in the blender until light and fluffy. Return the mixture to the container and freeze overnight.

Xellent Swiss Vodka

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