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Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30 Year OldFor rum aficionados, at the end of a day well spent, there is something special about relaxing and reliving the moment with a glass of excellent sipping rum. Joy Spence, Master Blender of Appleton Estate, the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, proudly announces the latest achievement in a tradition that dates to 1749, Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum. Having tasted this spectacular product, if you are a collector of fine rum, then run; do not walk to purchase a bottle, as they will not last for long.

The Appleton Estate has a long and interesting history that begins with Frances Dickinson and his grandsons who were the first owners; in 1845 William Hill acquired the property, and at the turn of the century A. McDowell Nathan acquired the property. After he died in the famous 1907 earthquake, J. Wray and Nephew, LTD. acquired the 11,000-acre property and continue as the owners.

Appleton Estate Rum - Nassau Valley
Nassau Valley

Speaking with Master Blender, Joy Spence, we could hear the pride in her voice that comes from being a part of Appleton Estate's long tradition of 260 years of making rum. She is passionate about her craft, as well she should be, especially since she was the first woman to hold this position in the Spirits Industry, and further distinguishes her Master Blender title with the designation OD, Order of Distinction in the Rank of Officer, for her service to the Industry, an honor that she received from the Government of Jamaica in 2005. In a word, Joy, who has held the position of Master Blender since 1997, is as remarkable as Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums.

Appleton Estate Rum - Master Blend, Joy Spence
Master Blender, Joy Spence

Appleton Estate, located in the Nassau Valley, part of the famous Cockpit County in Jamaica produces their rum on a single estate, which has a unique microclimate that affects the terroir. Other factors that come into play include the fertile soil, specially selected sugar cane varietals, water that is exceptionally soft that comes from a spring that originates on the Estate and is naturally filtered through the limestone hills, the molasses, the natural culture of yeast that is used in the fermentation process that has been handed down through the generations, and small batch distillation in specially designed copper pot stills that are unique to Appleton Estate.

Appleton Estate Rum - Copper Pot Stills
Copper Pot Stills

Minimum age is another distinguishing factor of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, which have minimum age statements on their labels. For many spirit companies, the age noted on the bottle is depicted as a range or an average age of the blends to create the product. Under Jamaica law, the marques that make up the individual blends must have all been aged in oak barrels for at least the number of years stated on the label. Therefore with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, when the age on the bottle states 30 years, it means that every marque of the blend has received 30 or more years of barrel aging.

Appleton Estate Rum - Barrel Aging
Barrel Aging

Appleton Estate uses white mature American oak barrels for their aging process that impart lovely aromas as well as color to the rum. Once the rum is placed in the barrels to age, they are stored on palettes with every barrel computerized with tasting notes and the exact location of the barrels noted, which Joy referred to as combining tradition and science. Every six months, Joy and her team sample the barrels and make tasting notes so that they know how each barrel is developing, which will help Joy select the barrels she will use to create a blend. After the rums receive the desired number of years of barrel aging, they are blended and married to handcraft the finished rums. Appleton Estate is the leading producer of minimum aged rums, and demonstrates smoothness in taste, balance, and unique character.

Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30 Year OldAppleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum, 45% ABV, is a blend of rums that have received a minimum aging of at least 30 years, and is elegantly presented in a distinctive bottle worthy of the rarest offerings. The information is sumptuously written on the bottle in gold lettering and features a deluxe cork and wood stopper, neckband imprinted with a handsome sketch of the Appleton Estate, has a certificate of authenticity signed by Joy Spence, Master Blender, has a red hand-stamped wax seal, and comes in an attractive canister that is perfect for gift giving, even if the gift is for your own enjoyment.

Tasting Notes: To fully appreciate the beauty and nuances of the Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum, one must involve all of the senses beginning with the eyes, as the color is stunning, a rich, deep, shimmering copper. Next comes the sense of smell, the inviting and heady aromas when swirled are fabulous and offer delightful notes of cocoa, orange peel, prune, vanilla, toasted nuts, and a delicate sweetness. As the evening progressed, and our hands warmed our tasting glasses, the aromas grew deeper offering more mature, sophisticated notes. The next step involved the sense of taste, on the palate the well-crafted flavors continued with orange, baking spices of cinnamon and ginger, vanilla, toasted nuts, and a buttery, long, warm velvety finish with a delectable sweetness. Lastly, we involved the sense of hearing as we clinked our glasses together toasting our good fortune at having made the acquaintance of the Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum, and to quote Humphrey Bogart (as Rick Blaine) to Claude Rains (as Captain Louis Renault) in the 1942 film, Casablanca, we "think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" with the Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum.

Appleton Estate Rum - Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane 

There are only 1440 bottles of Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old Rum that were produced and are available worldwide, and of that amount, only 744 bottles are available in the United States; with a suggested price of around $395 a bottle, this is definitely a rum for true connoisseurs, a rum that deserves to be savored and to commemorate special moments in your life, to be served neat or with an ice cube to release its delicate flavors, as nothing more is needed.

At Appleton Estate there is always something new going on, including offering limited editions and creating rums that are only available at the Appleton Estate Rum Tour in Jamaica, and they are firmly dedicated to preserving the environment and Green Manufacturing. At present, they harvest both mechanically and manually, however by 2010, they are committed to "Green Cane Harvesting" which means that harvesting will be 100% mechanical and will not involve burning the sugar cane fields prior to harvesting. In addition, byproducts of both the sugarcane milling process and distillation process are used as fertilizer in the sugar cane fields at the Estate.

When a company has 260 years of excellence and high standards behind them, it is wonderful to see that they have their eyes clearly on the horizon as they continue their legacy and tradition. When you sip Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, you are experiencing the heart and soul of Jamaica.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is imported by Kobrand Spirits in the United States.

Kobrand Spirits

Kobrand Spirits
The Centre at Purchase
One Manhattanville Road, Building One
Purchase, New York 10577-2118, United States
Telephone:       +1-914-253-7700
Fax:                 +1-914-253-7906

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica and would like to experience the Appleton Rum Tour, please visit the website:

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

A Division of J. Wray & Nephew LTD.
Appleton Estate Rum Tour
Siloah P.O., Elizabeth
Jamaica, West Indies
Telephone:       +1-876-963-2215-7
Fax:                  +1-876-963-9218
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