Patricia Talem
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Patricia TalemBrazilian singer Patricia Talem uses her enchanting voice to reflect on her current life on her debut self-titled release, which is a compilation of songs across genres, generations, styles, and languages.   


Patricia Talem

Patricia Talem                   

Patricia Talem: Zé Feliz; Ludo Real; Tarde Solar; Tua Cidade; Tardes Castanhas; Timidez; No Tom; Never Give Up; Só de Você; Stella by Starlight; Filho do Mar; Você e Eu                    

Personnel: Patricia Talem: Vocals; Jimmy Haslip: Bass; Marco de Costa: Drums; Sandro Albert: Guitar: Russell Ferrante: Piano, Keyboards; Arnold Mc Culler: Vocals (Track 8); Elda Costa: Vocals (Track 4); Katisse Buckingham: Saxophone (Tracks 5, 9); Keco Brandão: Arrangements Tracks 6 & 11        

Patricia Talem was produced by Marco da Costa (2004 Latin Grammy Winning Producer) and Sandro Albert with Patricia Talem as Executive Producer. For her debut self-title release Patricia she selected tracks that as she stated "portrayed this moment of my current life and the state of my soul." The release displays her love of music as she crosses genres, generations, styles, and languages selecting songs from Brazilian legends such as Chico Buarque, Rita Lee, and Renato Motha, from more current Brazilian writers such as Elder Costa, Sandro Albert, and Keco Brandão, as well as Canadian Ron Sexsmith.

Being introduced to new and exciting music, many times covers a serendipitous route as I heard about Patricia Talem from Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets whom I caught up with at the Blue Note in New York (Music Scene - Yellowjackets at the Blue Note New York). Jimmy and Russell Ferrante, also of the Yellowjackets, both love Latin music and contributed their talents on the release. So, based off their recommendation I gave Patricia Talem a listen, and then another listen, as Patricia has that type of voice that is enchanting and haunting; she has that ability to capture the body and the mind. Along with Jimmy Haslip and Russell Ferrante of the Yellowjackets, Patricia is accompanied by an all-star cast of Brazilian musicians who lend their creative energy to make this a memorable release and stellar debut.

I have a fairly extensive selection of Brazilian music and what I like the most about all the different genres and styles that I have is the feel of the music. On Patricia's release, I could feel each song as she has that ability to convey and project meaning through her timing and how she accents certain words and phrases, as well as through her tone and pace.

Though my Portuguese is not extensive, I had some of the titles and lyrics translated to better understand Patricia's meaning behind her song selections.

The opening track Zé Feliz is about the journey of life and how you get wiser as you follow the paths that you come upon, and for someone releasing her debut album this is both musically and lyrically a beautiful introduction. The track Ludo Real, written by Chico Buarque, opens a door to Patricia's inner feelings as she moves through this song about dreams and love. Tarde Solar (Late Sun) is a jazz compilation with some Brazilian spice and passion as Russell Ferrante's keyboards court Patricia's vocals and ultimately they end up in a striking duet. 

Tua Cidade (Your City) brings out the pacing and unique accenting of lyrics that I love about Brazilian music, and Patricia is at her best with her duet with Elda Costa. Tardes Castanhas, Timidez (Shyness), No Tom (In the Tone), and the one English track Never Give Up both from their titles and the lyrics, look at a young woman who is coming into her own as a person and a musician. This is a great complementing selection of tracks that holds down the middle part of the release, as well as Never Give Up featuring a stirring duet with Arnold Mc Culler.

The release closes with the tracks Só de Você (Only You), Stella by Starlight, Filho do Mar (Child of the Sea), and Você e Eu (You and I), and the tracks seem to be a rite of passage for Patricia. She tackles the captivating and moving track Só de Você that was written and performed by the dynamic Brazilian legend Rita Lee, as well as she shows her maturity and control of the tracks Filho do Mar and Você e Eu which include compelling piano and guitar solos with a solid bass line that her vocals ride on.    

Websites where you can procure Patricia Talem are Mubi, Livraria Saraiva, and Livraria Cultura.

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