Introducing - Sunny and Her Joy Boys
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Introducing Sunny and Her Joy BoysDuke Robillard has assembled a superb group of talented musicians featuring Sunny Crownover on vocals as they cover a selection of songs from the 20's, 30's, and 40's from the Great American Songbook on the release Introducing...  Sunny and Her Joy Boys.


Introducing... Sunny and Her Joy Boys

Introducing... Sunny and Her Joy Boys                  

Sunny and Her Joy Boys: Strictly from Dixie; You're Driving Me Crazy; That's My Desire; Stop You're Breakin' My Heart, You're My Thrill; Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea; I Don't Mind; Travelin' All Alone; Today I Sing The Blues; Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams; I Got It Bad (and that ain't good); Undecided; I'm Satisfied; A Hundred Years From Today......

Personnel: Sunny Crownover: Vocals; Billy Novick: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone; Duke Robillard: Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Conga Drums (5); Paul Kolesnikow: Acoustic Archtop Guitar: Jesse Williams: Acoustic Bass        

Introducing... Sunny and Her Joy Boys was released on the Stony Plain Records label and is another in a long list of successful collaboration arranged by Duke Robillard. Blues, jazz, and swing guitarist extraordinaire Duke Robillard should add Pied Piper to his list of attributes. Duke is always on the lookout for opportunities to feature new talent, assemble friends and fellow musicians, and render the songs of the Great American Songbook in new and exciting arrangements. With Introducing... Sunny and Her Joy Boys, the new talent was Sunny Crownover, and the Great American Songbook tracks encompassed classic jazz and swing from composers such as Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and Chick Webb, and Tin Pan Alley legends Harold Arlen, Ned Washington, and Victor Young.

The idea for this release had been bouncing around in Duke's head for over 35 years, but he had not come upon the right female voice to carry the sound, until he happened upon Sunny Crownover in 2007. Duke "The Pied Piper of music" now had his key ingredient for the concept, and he reeled in Sunny by sending her a selection of songs to listen to. Mesmerized by the songs and ready to follow the lead set by Duke, the release Introducing... Sunny and Her Joy Boys took shape.   

The release gets rolling with the swing track Strictly from Dixie and it introduces us to the Joy Boys and their instrumentation that complements the exquisite timing of Sunny's vocals. You're Driving Me Crazy lets the Joy Boys run the tune as Sunny's vocals oversee their various solos and duets as she shows her ability to let the song come to her.

That's My Desire is a bluesy ballad that brings it all together and is the perfect arrangement for Sunny's voice, and the Joy Boys, like a male dancer, frame her well. The 30's swing track Stop You're Breakin' My Heart is a playful song where everyone seems to be having a good time during the recording. You're My Thrill has a lingering melody that when combined with Sunny's sultry vocals, the result is a beautiful and unforgettable track. A classic from the 30's, Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea is all about the duet between Sunny's vocals and Billy Novick's clarinet.  Duke selected a track that has not been heavily recorded, I Don't Mind, and it was a perfect fit for Sunny and Her Joy Boys.

Other tracks include the 30's classic Billie Holiday track Travelin' All Alone, the 40's song Today I Sing The Blues originally recorded by Helen Humes, and the standard Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams that gives space to the acoustic bass of Jesse Williams. Rounding out the release are the tracks I Got It Bad (and that ain't good); Undecided with a refreshing arrangement; the 30's song I'm Satisfied, and the closing 20's track A Hundred Years From Today that will have you bobbing your head and snapping your fingers as Sunny and the Joy Boys walk off into the sunset.    

The release is very tight, so it was little surprise to read that many of the tracks were laid down on their first take; when it works, it works to perfection.    

Websites where you can procure Introducing... Sunny and Her Joy Boys are Duke Robillard, CD Universe, Stony Plain Records, J&R Music, Overstock, and Elderly.

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