Lipbone Redding - Party On The Fire Escape
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Lipbone Redding - Party On The Fire EscapeStoryteller, musician, and entertainer Lipbone Redding and The Lipbone Orchestra are at it again with the release of Party On The Fire Escape.   



Lipbone Redding - Party On The Fire Escape 

Lipbone Redding - Party On The Fire Escape                       

Party on the Fire Escape: Party On The Fire Escape, Voodoo Cadillac, Party Down, Ghetto Girl, New York City, The Whistle, Crunchy Country Girl, Lipbone Theme Song, Fell In Love With Your Friend, Single Again, Chandra, Never Forsake U                  

Personnel (The Lipbone Orchestra): Lipbone Redding: Vocals, Vocal Trombone, Popcorn Chicken; Jeff Eyrich: Bass, Backing Vocals; Rich Zukor: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals; Vinny Raniolo: Guitar (Party on the Fire Escape); Michael Ross: Guitar, Mandolin (Party on the Fire Escape); Jan Dryden: Hammond Organ (Party On The Fire Escape), Wurlitzer Electric Piano (Chandra); Stever Rossiter: Fender Rhodes (Party On The Fire Escape)     

Party On The Fire Escape was produced by Jeff Eyrich and released on the BEPOP Records label. Lipbone Redding is ready to entertain with the release of Party On The Fire Escape, and with Lipbone every performance is a party. Not being a newcomer to the sound and talent of Lipbone Redding, as I reviewed his previous release Hop the Fence, I was excited to listen to what he has been up to.

The renowned Lipbone Orchestra consists of Jeff Eyrich, Rich Zukor, and Lipbone himself as the vocal horn section. The release opens with the title track Party On The Fire Escape. What is sometimes lost when listening to Lipbone is the range and depth projected by his voice and lyrics that keep things lively, and the track Party On The Fire Escape has it all. The lyrics will have you visualizing fond memories when things were easier, and we were always ready for a party no matter when or where. This is a let down your hair and kick up your heels lead track.

Changing pace he moves into a rousing blues based track with Voodoo Cadillac and deepens his voice to carry this track along while The Lipbone Orchestra runs a pace and tempo like a Bullet Train making up time. Slowing things down, drawing upon his sensitive side, and featuring the Lipbone horn section, is the seventies soul and Rhythm and Blues tracks Party Down and Ghetto Girl.

New York City gets funky with rap lyrics and a swinging sound as Lipbone tells the story of traveling to and tackling the challenges of New York City, "the greatest place to be unless you are out of your head country style, running wild." On the track The Whistle he becomes a crooner and smoothly carries this warm touching song.

Moving deftly between genres he mixes a little New Orleans and a little Country on the track Crunchy Country Girl.

Other tracks include the bouncy danceable track Fell in Love With Your Friend with the full Orchestra getting involved both vocally and instrumentally; the track Single Again is Lipbone being Lipbone, he is having fun, singing frolicking lyrics against a catchy tune; Chandra is a beautiful ballad and Lipbone is at his best as he renders this moving song.

The release closes out with the track Never Forsake U a mix of soul, funk, and Lipbone as he sings, "Good love is like a notion," and "My love will never forsake you." Lipbone is about the music, the lyrics, the feelings he brings out, and having fun doing what he loves to do - entertain.      

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