A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

A Swingin Session With Duke RobillardA Swingin Session with Duke Robillard captures different genres and eras of American music from jump blues, big band, jazz, and more.


Duke Robillard - A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard

A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard          

A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard: Deed I Do, The Lonesome Road, Them That Got, Just Because, Meet Me At No Special Place, Red Dog, They Raided The Joint, When Your Lover Has Gone, The Song Is Ended, Swinging With Lucy Mae               

Personnel: Duke Robillard: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Archtop Guitar; Bruce Katz: Piano, Organ; Doug James: Baritone and Tenor Saxophone; "Sax" Gordon Beadle: Tenor and Baritone Saxophone; Scott Hamilton: Tenor Saxophone; Carl Querfurth: Trombone; Dave Ballou: Trumpet; Al Basile: Cornet; Mark Teixeira: Drums; Marty Ballou: Acoustic Bass; Jessie Williams: Acoustic Bass; John Packer: Acoustic Bass; Paul Kolesnikow: Acoustic Archtop Guitar

A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard marks the 12th recording on the Stony Plain Records label and more than two-dozen solo releases in total. Duke is a musician whose fingers and musical mind never stops; he has been a consummate performer touring all over the world while he continues to explore new and old styles and formats of American music. A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard is a listen through American music from big band, swing, Rhythm & Blues, jump blues, and jazz.  A selection of classic tracks mixed in with some Duke originals makes for a heart pounding, foot stomping, and finger strumming release.

A master guitar player, singer, songwriter, and performer who knows how to get the most from his instruments, he opens the release with the well recorded track Deed I Do, but this arrangement carries a few twists by Duke along with some stylish guitar work. The track The Lonesome Road is performed in a traditional rendering that starts off with a slow rocking tempo from a duet of the snare drum and muted horn before Duke explodes in with his signature guitar and vocals. Them That Got is an overlooked Ray Charles track that Duke covers with a brilliant blues and R&B mix.

Pulling from the jump-blues genre he covers the track Just Because, and if any genre and song was meant to be played by Duke it would be jump-blues and Just Because. The cover of Nat King Cole's Meet Me At No Special Place is projected in that same fun, frolicking pace and format that would have Nat King Cole smiling, sauntering, and laughing. Digging into the Duke Robillard bag of tricks is the original track Red Dog that meshes many of the different genres from the release including jazzy overtones, blues chords, and a scintillating snare and cymbal brush stroke backbeat.

The cover of Oran "Hot Lips" Page's They Raided The Joint will transport you back to the gin joints of the mid 40s with a hopping jump-blues interpretation. Selecting one of my favorite songs Duke pulled out the classic When Your Lover Has Gone, which was originally sung by Gene Austin and covered by a Who's Who such as Louis Armstrong, Ethel Waters, Maxine Sullivan, Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Benny Goodman and his Orchestra. Duke's version does not tarnish the sound or the emotional elements, and his personal instrument of choice is his voice while letting the saxophone, piano, and solid baseline carry the tune.

The release closes out with the tracks The Song Is Ended from Irving Berlin (1927) with touching vocals and guitar work from Duke, and a Duke original instrumental track Swinging With Lucy Mae that switches with a slight of hand between swing and big-band with a sprinkle of Duke magic tossed in.                     

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