Jay Collins - The Songbird and The Pigeon
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Jay Collins - The Songbird & The PigeonJay Collins' release The Songbird & The Pigeon moves beyond Jay's stellar saxophone and flute work as he showcases his vocal prowess on an assortment of jazz, blues, and Latin tracks. 


Jay Collins - The Songbird & The Pigeon      

Jay Collins - The Songbird and The Pigeon          

The Songbird and The Pigeon: If You Don't Stand For Something, Sounds Like Home, The Songbird and The Pigeon, Good Morning Grey, Shotgun Past, All My Tears, Financial Consultation, My Dreams Came Back, The Money Hole, Waltz For A Boy              

Kings County Band Personnel: Jay Collins: Lead Vocals, Saxophones, Flute, Clave; Dred Scott: Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes Electric Piano; Diego Voglino: Drums; Moses Patrou: Percussion, Backing Vocals; Tim Luntzel: Bass; Scott Sharrard: Guitar (track 10); Chris Bergson: Guitar (track 1); Benji Lysaght: Guitar (track 4); Ed Cherry: Guitar (tracks 6, 9); Elizabeth Westphalen: Trombone (track 2); Jared Samuel: Keyboards (track 2), Clavinet (track 9); Bruce Katz: Hammond B-3 (tracks 3, 10); Amy Helm: Backing Vocals (track 10) 

Jay Collins' The Songbird and The Pigeon unleashes Jay's inner melding of music, feelings, maturity, and confidence with a blend of genres from Afro-Cuban, Latin, rock, and more, on a jazz foundation. Waiting until he reached the ripe young age of 30 before embracing a microphone with his voice, this musical instrument has reached the same professional plateau as his musicianship as a songwriter, saxophonist, flutist, and bandleader.

The lead track If You Don't Stand For Something carries the undertones of jazz with a blues layer on top; it is lead by Jay's soulful vocals and saxophone, and accompanied by Chris Bergson on guitar. Sounds Like Home veers towards straight ahead blues with a rock interlude. The title track The Songbird and The Pigeon carries a New Orleans jazz groove laced with great lyrics "Maybe I can find the songbird and skip the pigeon, maybe I can find the Lord without religion, maybe I can find what truth is without the lying, maybe I can find the laughter without the crying," and of course Jay's energizing saxophone and vocals. Good Morning Grey slows it down with a pop, jazz, blues mix that opens with Dred Scott on keyboards and Jay joining in on vocals before the rest of band rolls in to complement Jay's groove.

Shotgun Past was influenced by the sound of John Lee Hooker and has that characteristic bounce to the music with a playful tempo and lyrics. All My Tears rolls out a speakeasy series of chords before the band transitions to a rousing pop melody and Jay jumps in with his sparkling vocals and flute playing. Taking a chapter from his Afro-Cuban influence is the percussion poem track Financial Consultation with Jay doing a beatnik style of vocals and poking fun at the various economic predicaments we have had to endure over the past 10 years.

The release closes with the tracks My Dreams Came Back that Jay calls, "an old time saloon sound," featuring just Jay on vocals and Scott on piano; The Money Hole drives the beat from the open note as the band rolls up their sleeves and lets it all hang out as they create a lively funk groove, and the closing track Waltz For A Boy has Jay showing his range and depth of presence as a singer/songwriter/musician while being accompanied by Amy Helm singing backing vocals.       

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