S. M. V. - Thunder
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

S. M. V. Thunder - Stanle Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor WootenStanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten's S. M. V. - Thunder is a collaboration of three of the top bass players in the music world. It is not only the low rumble of the bass notes, but this is a  complete release that will set the Jazz and music world on fire.  


S. M. V. - Thunder - Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Vicotr Wooten

S. M. V. - Thunder            

Thunder: Maestros de las Frecuencias Bajas, Thunder, Hillbillies on a Quiet Afternoon, Mongoose Walk, Los Tres Hermanos, Lopsy Lu - Silly Putty, Milano, Classical Thump, Tutu, Lil' Victa, Pendulum, "Lemme Try Your Bass", Grits        

Personnel: Stanley Clarke: Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass (arco and pizzicato); Marcus Miller: Electric Bass, Obligato Bass, Fretless Bass, Bass Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Synths, Beat Programming, Min-Moog; Victor Wooten: Electric Bass, Obligato Bass; Ruslan Sirota: Keyboards; Ronald Bruner Jr.: Drums; Michael "Patches" Stewart: Trumpet; Steve Baxter: Trombone; Ariel Mann: Synths; Antoinette "Butterscotch" Clinton: Vocals, Beat Box, Voice Trumpet; Derico Watson: Drums; George Duke: Clavinet; Kevin Ricard: Percussion; Chick Corea: Piano; Poogie Bell: Drums; George Duke: Mini-Moog Solo; J. D. Blair: Drums; Karlton Taylor: Keys

S. M. V. - Thunder was released on the Heads Up label and marks the first time that these three forces from the music world have come together to collaborate on a release. Carrying the torch for the electric bass, each representing a different era, their musical culmination is not just thunder, but it crackles with enough energy to light up the sky. Sometimes lost in the background of bands, but one of the essentials to hold a song together, S. M. V. brings the bass front and center. The addition of a stellar cast of guest artists such as Chick Corea, Michael "Patches" Stewart, George Duke, and Butterscotch (aka Antoinette Clinton), results in a release for the ages, and one that crosses genres.

Each contributed to the writing on Thunder, and each left enough room within their respective tracks for the others' creativity and musicianship to flow through. The opening track Maestros de las Frecuencias Bajas, written by Stanley Clarke, is the prototypical tour de force song that one comes to expect to open up a highly anticipated and high energy happening, and Thunder is all of that and more. Locked and loaded, the trio continues the pulse with the title track Thunder, written by Marcus Miller, which was written with the characteristic power rock melody and slap funk style made famous by Stanley, and in this case, you have three bass players slapping together.

Hillbillies on a Quite Afternoon, written by Victor Wooten, draws from the Stanley Clarke song Quite Afternoon from the classic School Days release (1976). You can hear and feel the respect that the three have for each other, and especially for the senior statesman and bass player icon, Clarke.

The track Mongoose Walk features S. M. V. on their respective basses and Chick Corea lighting up the piano; Los Tre Hermanos slows it down and shows the romantic side of both the trio and their instruments.

The track Milano has Stanley on upright bass and to quote Victor, "This is a track that stands out... I've always been a fan of Stanley's upright bass playing." The tracks Classical Thump, Tutu, Lil' Victa, Pendulum, "Lemme Try Your Bass", and Grits show the beauty, power, and romanticism that an electric bass projects when in the hands of true maestros.  

Websites where you can procure S. M. V. - Thunder  are Heads Up, Amazon, Billboard, CD Universe, Abstract Logix, HMV, and downloads available at Millisong.

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