De Vito, Rea, Pietropaoli, Romano - So Right
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

De Vito, Rea, Pietropaoli, Romano - So RightThe music and influence of Joni Mitchell combined with the creativity of four jazz musicians (Maria Pia De Vito, Danilo Rea, Enzo Pietropaoli, and Aldo Romano) and the result is So Right!



De Vito, Rea, Pietropaoli, Romano - So Right 

De Vito, Rea, Pietropaoli - So Right          

So Right: Amelia, All I Want, Little Blue Birds, So Right, God Must Be a Boogie Man, River, Harlem In Havana, Since Your Love Died, Woodstock, Miskin, A Case of You, The Sweetest Medicine         

Personnel: Maria Pia De Vito: Vocals, Live Electronics; Danilo Rea: Piano; Enzo Pietropaoli: Double Bass; Aldo Romano: Drums    

So Right was released by CAM Jazz and is a celebration of the music of Joni Mitchell through the creative arrangements and musical interpretations of four talented jazz musicians. Vocalists across genres have been touched by Joni Mitchell and her ability to create a song through her stories, or as Maria puts it, "the story gives shape to the tune." In addition to Joni Mitchell's vocal prowess, her songs and melodies are a natural to be adapted into a jazz format, and have been adapted by many of the top jazz musicians, but one of the first to do so was Maria Pia De Vito through her European release of So Right (2005) and now available for the US audience with its 2008 release. In addition to the seven Joni Mitchell tracks, the band included five of their own tracks, which are a great complement to the music of Joni Mitchell. 

The genesis of So Right came from Maria who first heard Joni Mitchell when she was just 18 and was hooked on her form. Backed by pianist Danilo Rea and Enzo Pietropaoli on double bass, who have accompanied Maria on numerous occasions for more than twenty years, plus the addition of guest drummer Aldo Romano, So Right became reality.

The lead track Amelia is a classic Joni Mitchell track and Maria captures the tone, pace, and storytelling form of Joni Mitchell perfectly. The band's arrangement creates a great groove and the result is an excellent lead track. The band's arrangement of All I Want, another great Joni Mitchell song, was exceptional as they take the melody and lay down a powerfully exciting fast paced version, and when it is combined with Maria's vocals and scat it adds some chops to this cover. The original track Little Blue Birds has Maria singing her own story through the tune, and when coupled with Danilo's piano prowess this is a stirring bluesy composition. The title track So Right is a blend of influences, with Maria's lyrics inspired by Little Blue Birds, while Enzo composed the melody from the revised harmonic structure of the Joni Mitchell song Passion Play. Turning their arrangement talents back to the playful Joni Mitchell track God Must Be a Boogie Man, the band livens up the melody dishing out runs on the keyboards while the baseline pushes the tempo with some grand riffs to go with Maria's scat.

The other Joni Mitchell tracks such as River, Harlem in Havana, Woodstock, and A Case of You employ expressive jazz arrangements while holding true to the Joni Mitchell storytelling form. The arrangements are innovative and pull against the lyrics in all the right places while allowing the band members to leave their mark including Maria employing some lively scat to Joni's lyrics.

Rounding out the release are the original tracks Since Your Love Died, which is a tender and touching song, Miskin, which is infused with electronics taking an energizing turn from the rest of the release, and The Sweetest Medicine, which uses the arrangement and lyrics like a musical canvas to paint a picture, a similar concept used by Joni Mitchell.   

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