Diane Schuur - Some Other Time
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Diane Schurr - Some Other TimeDiane Schuur returns to her jazz roots on Some Other Time, a tribute release to her mother, as she covers classics that were a part of her life growing up. 



Diane Schurr - Some Other Time

Diane Schuur - Some Other Time        

Some Other Time: Nice Work if You Can Get It, I've Got Beginners Luck, They Say It's Wonderful, Some Other Time, Blue Skies, Without A Song, It's Magic, Taking A Chance On Love, The Good Life, If Someone Had Told Me, My Favorite Things, September In The Rain, Danny Boy

Personnel: Diane Schuur: Vocals, Piano on It's Magic and The Good Life; Randy Porter: Piano; Dan Balmer: Guitar; Scott Steed: Bass; Reggie Jackson: Drums    

Some Other Time was released by Concord Music Group. Diane Schuur is a two time Grammy Award winner and was nominated for three Grammy's in a career that has spanned more than three decades. Some Other Time is a tribute to her late mother who died at the age of 31 when Diane was just 13. Forty years later, Diane has created this celebration of music from songs that her parent's played when she was growing-up. The release includes tracks written by such greats as George and Ira Gershwin, Irvin Berlin, and Rodgers and Hammerstein. With the gift of perfect pitch and a love for music, Diane has crossed over from jazz to pop and back again over her successful career, but on Some Other Time this is all about jazz.

The lead track is one of my favorite jazz songs Nice Work if You Can Get It, and I appreciate her fresh interpretation of this classic. Diane's rendition is lively and playful as she sets a tone that this will not be another set of standard covers of jazz classics, this will be a musical party especially the great scat at the end of song. I've Got Beginners Luck is a great foil to Nice Work if You Can Get It, and we have those memorable lyrics "... a beginner comes out a winner...I've got beginners luck," and the lucky ones are those who give this release a spin. The party takes a turn with the heartfelt arrangements of They Say It's Wonderful, Some Other Time, and Blue Skies, with Diane and the band never sounding better. Diane emphasizes each work with such a warmth and feeling that it actually brought a tingle through my spine as I could feel her digging into her past to project the lyrics.

Diane glides through this release and adds a spontaneity and intuitive nature to the tracks. She tickles the ivory on the tracks It's Magic and The Good Life and displays her vast talents. The track It's Magic is one of Diane's favorites because as she says, "Dinah Washington did it so beautiful...," and what higher compliment than to sing a formidable version herself. She closes out the release with two special tracks, September In The Rain, which is remarkable as it was recorded in 1964 when Diane was just 13, but you can hear what would become that signature Diane Schuur sound. It is a true treasure that this track was saved, restored, and added to the release. The final track is an emotional and tender rendition of Danny Boy that includes an introduction with the recorded voice of a young Diane promising her mother that she would record Danny Boy just for her.              

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