Elza - Gettin' Free
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Elza Müller-Römer - Gettin' FreeIndependent Progressive Folk recording artist Elza  shows what determination and drive can create on her debut release Gettin' Free, which contains great lyrics and a creative change of tempo and pace across tracks.


Elza Müller-Römer - Gettin' Free 

Elza - Gettin' Free                                             

Gettin' Free: Gettin' Free, This Is Love, My Romeo, Boys, Boys, Boys, Heal, La La La, Charleston Corner, Big Cup, Wide Open, Cheap Apple Wine, Wanna Live, You & Me Now, bonus track    

Personnel: Elza: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Jeff Eyrich: Stand-up Bass, Ukulele; Doug Yowell: Drums, Percussion; Robin Macatañgay: Electric & Additional Acoustic Guitar; Thad DeBrock: Electric & Additional Acoustic Guitar; Nick Moroch: Additional Electric Guitar on tracks 2, 3 & 8; Rob Arthur: Wurly, Rhodes & Hammond B3; Paul Ademy: Electric Bass on track 3; Niki Karanasos "cosmic funk mama": Rhymestress on track 2       

Gettin' Free was produced by Jeff Eyrich and was released under the BEPOP Records label. Though this is Elza's second release, she feels that the body-of-work in Getting' Free is really her debut release. She took some time after her earlier recordings to get a feel for her sound and style, and from this self-imposed break she came roaring back with Gettin' Free where she wrote or co-wrote all of the tracks. The sound is Progressive Folk Music and Elza is true to her Indie roots as she expresses and projects her sound in her own way, unimpeded by a major-label's ‘influence'. As she wrote in her liner notes, "please do not burn copies of this CD, you're not stickin' it to the major labels...just little ol' me."  

The release opens with the title track Gettin' Free where she sings "every day became another sad Sunday, dreading work and another day, where is the passion that use to drive my soul." The lyrics may reflect her time between recordings as she looked at her library of work and where she was going musically; she may have been looking for her passion, but on Gettin' Free she found it. The track This Is Love starts off with a calypso beat and the track ebbs and flows with this beat while Elza's voice and lyrics render an image of her past years as a free spirited South Carolina surfer girl. My Romeo has a pop and jazz beat as she sings and scats her way through this lively track. Boys, Boys, Boys is playful and would be a great song in a live performance, as the lyrics provide some fodder to feed off the audience, "boys, boys, boys, so tough you drive me nuts, but I love your attention.... ready for a summer fling." Heal is a very soulful track as she digs deep and delivers a beautiful and touching song, and is my favorite on the release.   

Gettin' Free is thirteen tracks (includes bonus track) that like a great surfing wave, bites at your anticipation, hypes your senses, and once caught will take you on a memorable ride. When you add in her great lyrics and her ability to change tempo and pace while infusing different genres, you have a release that shows what determination, creativity, and musicianship can achieve.  

Websites where you can procure Elza - Gettin' Free are CD Freedom, MTraks, EMusic, and Amazon.

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