Delamain Tasting at the Brandy Library
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Edward F Nesta, Charles Braastad, Thomas Congdon at Delamain Cognac TastingThe esteemed Brandy Library in New York was the perfect venue for a memorable evening of Delamain Cognac tasting with Delamain descendant, Charles Braastad, which was definitely a luxury experience.


Edward F. Nesta, Charles Braastad, Thomas CongdonOn October 3, 2007, the intimate Brandy Library afforded invited guests with the opportunity to not only taste the exceptional line of House of Delamain Cognacs, but to also speak one-on-one with Charles Braastad about the nuances of each of the Cognacs. One of the oldest names in the region, the widely respected House of Delamain is still family operated, and learning first-hand from Charles about the crafting of the Delamain Cognacs was an eye-opening experience for many of the guests.

A few of the "lessons" that guests learned during the tasting is that Delamain uses old, 350-litre French oak barrels to age their Cognac, and that blending is done only with similarly aged cognacs.  

Pale and Dry Delamain CognacWe began the evening by tasting the Delamain "Pale & Dry" X.O. Très Belle Grande Champagne Cognac, made with a blend of Cognacs averaging 25 years of age, that has floral, vanilla, and hazelnut aromas, with licorice and fruit on the palate.

Next came the tasting of the Delamain Vesper Grande Champagne Cognac, made from a blend of Cognacs averaging 35 years, with woodsy, oak, and vanilla notes, and wood and licorice on the lasting finish.

Vesper Delamain CognacWe continued the tasting with Delamain Très Vénérable Grande Champagne Cognac, made with a blend of Cognacs averaging 45-50 years, with toast, honey, cedar, woodsy aromas, with licorice and dried fruits on the palate and a lasting finish.

The Delamain Extra de Grande Champagne was next in the line of tasting succession, and uses a blend of Cognacs, is older than the "Pale & Dry" X.O. and the Vesper, and has aromas of cigar box and toffee, with a velvety finish.

Last in the tasting line-up was the Delamain Réserve de la Famille Grande Champagne Cognac made from eaux-de-vie from a single estate, with dark chocolate, toffee, spicy, licorice, and toast aromas, and dried prunes and layers of flavors on the palate with a full-mouth roundness. Made in limited quantities, this was truly a treat for guests to experience.

Regak Bottle Display - Delamain CognacTasting the full complement of Delamain Cognacs side by side provided exclusive Cognac connoisseurs with a unique experience to taste Cognacs ranging from $150 to over $700, as well as learn to distinguish the nuances that differentiate each of the Delamain Cognacs. While each guest voiced his or her personal favorites with each successive Delamain Cognac tasted during the evening, the one thing that was clearly established during the tasting was that there was definitely a Delamain Cognac for every palate.

Delamain CognacAs to our personal favorites of the Delamain Cognacs, it all depends on the evening. Santé!

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