Bradford Hayes - The Jazz Life
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Bradford Hayes - The Jazz LifeBradford Hayes' The Jazz Life shows the positive influence of life, family, love, and friends on a refreshing independent jazz release.



Bradford Hayes - The Jazz Life

Bradford Hayes - The Jazz Life        

The Jazz Life: Tunji's Blues, Carolyn, Black Nile, My Sons, The Coaster, The Desert, Bianca's Dance, The Nearness of You, Whisper Not, One Little Indian, Holistic Invention

Personnel: Bradford Hayes: saxophone; Duane Eubanks: trumpet; Cornell McGhee: trombone; Michael Cochrane: piano; Calvin Jones: bass; Greg Searvance: drums

The Jazz Life is an independent release produced by Bradford Hayes for the Intensity Music, Inc. label. Hailing from New Jersey, Bradford Hayes is a name known throughout the northeast U.S. music scene. He has recorded with a Who's Who of musicians, as well as performed at all of the top Jazz venues in New York and beyond. Bradford is not only a talented musician, but he has given back to his community as a music educator in the Newark, New Jersey Public School system for 24-years.

The Jazz Life if a series of tracks that were inspired and influenced from many different people, places, and times in his life. The opening track Tunji's Blues was written for African drum legend Baba Olatunji; it starts right out of the gate with a great groove driven by a solid drum and bass line that is holding court to Bradford's spirited sax lines and the dancing fingers of Michael Cochran on piano. The track Carolyn was written for Bradford's loving wife Carolyn, who, from time-to-time, prodded him about writing a song for her, and as Bradford comments, "this is one of the best tunes on the release". Carolyn is a testament of how love shapes the heart, mind, and music. Wayne Shorter's song Black Nile is covered and livened up by Bradford and the band; though they raise the tempo, this is a true compliment and a reminder of the talents of Wayne Shorter. Track three, My Sons is dedicated to his twin sons and was written with some energy and spice to the sound, I can only imagine that the boys keep Bradford and Carolyn hopping. The Coaster written by composer and friend Grachan Moncur allows Bradford to open up on the saxophone with a straight ahead driving sound. Influenced by many events and times including Christmas, Bradford wrote the track The Desert for the 3 kings; the track seems to carry on a conversation between the horn section - the 3 kings on trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. Showing how important family is, Bradford wrote Bianca's Dance for Daddy's Girl.  The track has been modified from its original release with a samba feel, and you can just visualize his daughter dancing to this lively and fresh song. Bringing the pace down a few notches, the track The Nearness of You contains a beautiful melody, and in the hands of this group, the rendering is even more special. The track Whisper Not composed by Benny Golson, follows the track The Nearness of You with another soft silky jazz sound. The track One Little-Indian takes the tempo up to a blistering level and has some fun with the melody. Closing out the release is the smooth jazz sound of the track Holistic Invention.  

Websites where you can procure Bradford Hayes - The Jazz Life are Bradford Hayes - MySpace, CD Baby and CD Connections.

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