Lipbone Redding - Hop The Fence
Written by Edward F, Nesta   

Lipbone Redding - Hop The FenceHop The Fence by Lawrence "Lipbone" Redding is a jazz, blues, and funk release produced and performed by a man who not only makes his living from music, he is the music. 


Lipbone Redding - Hop The Fence   

Lipbone Redding - Hop The Fence       

Hop The Fence: Dogs of Santiago (Radio Mix Short Version), Sixteen Tons, Follow the Money, Love Is The Answer for World Peace, Hollywood An' Vine, Old Flame, Tuscaloosa Suntan, Picnic Basket, Closing Time, Indian Rose, Travelin' Light, Dogs of Santiago (Long Version)

Personnel: Lipbone Redding: voicestrumentals, guitar; Jeff Eyrich: upright bass, backing vocals; Rich Zukor: drums/percussion, backing vocals

Lipbone Redding - Hop The Fence released on the BEPOP Record Label (www.BePopRecords) is a full orchestra sound from three talented musicians playing upright bass, drums, and ‘voicestrumentals'.  Okay, what are ‘voicestrumentals,' well that is the incomparable talent of Lipbone Redding as he creates the sound of a trumpet and a trombone with his lips. This is not a gimmick; Lipbone Redding is an in-demand performer who has created a sound that is unsullied. Lipbone wrote 11 of the 12 tracks on Hop The Fence, which adds to the depth and the mystique that is Lipbone Redding the musician, and the inventive voicestrumentalist.  

Lipbone's story is a made for TV miniseries, with as many twists and turns and international destinations as a  James Bond 007 movie, but in the end he may not end up with the girl et al 007, but he has accrued a vast amount of musical influences that he works into Hop The Fence. To say that Lipbone Redding is a free spirit would be an understatement, and his music reflects this attitude, which makes Hop The Fence all that more rewarding.  

The track Dogs of Santiago (short or long version) is the perfect introduction to Lipbone Redding as the track opens with a monologue about "the crazy looking dogs of Santiago," and "when I die I think I'll come back as one because they live so free." The lyrics of Dogs of Santiago sums up Lipbone Redding's history to date - freedom, challenges, changes, and a passion for living life to the fullest through music. Without a doubt, this is my favorite track on the release, and I know it will have you humming your own voicestrumentals.

The track Sixteen Tons opens with that familiar trumpet introduction, which is Lipbone's voicestrumentals, and when combined with his bluesy vocals, you have a brash rendition to this blues classic. The tracks Follow the Money and Love Is The Answer swing into a 70's/80's funk beat that is pure magic with Lipbone's funky vocals, Rich Zukor's drums, and the Lipbone Orchestra section. Hollywood & Vine grooves to a Latin infused Lipbone beat that may be influenced from his South America times; a fun groove with fun lyrics. Staying true to the Lipbone twists and turns, the track Old Flame turns the beat around and brings us a ‘lazy-jazz' track that will have you snapping your fingers. Tuscaloosa Suntan has a New Orleans beat showing off another influence that this musical sponge has soaked up during his travels. Picnic Basket has that early New Orleans sound made famous by Louis Armstrong; in fact, I thought that I heard Louis on trumpet and singing on the opening of the track. The Lipbone Orchestra is in fine form setting the pace for the track Closing Time; Indian Rose pulls from Lipbone's time in India with chants and percussion sounds followed by the simple strumming of his guitar. The release closes out with the tracks Travelin' Light and the long version of Dogs of Santiago.      

Websites where you can procure Lipbone Redding - Hop The Fence are Lipbone Redding's website, CD Freedom, CD Universe, and Homegrown Music Network.

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