Kelly Flint - Drive All Night
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Kelly Flint - Drive All NightKelly Flint's Drive All Night is not your typical ‘indie' release; she achieves a pure sound by commingling a folk and pop style, great melodies, and powerful arrangements.


Kelly Flint - Drive All Night

Kelly Flint - Drive All Night         

Drive All Night: Blood and Bone, Drive All Night, Story in Your Eyes, The Letter, 1974, Cartoon, Never Unless, Song to My Soldier, Waiting for the Weather, Are You Blue?, Snow Angels, Deep Freeze, Bottle Rocket (The Truth Hurts), Marilena, Alchemy   

Personnel: Kelly Flint: guitar, vocals, backing vocals; Gerry Leonard: guitar (acoustic, electric), mandolin; Doug Yowell: drums and percussion; Jeff Eyrich: acoustic bass; Carmen Yates: guitar, background vocals; Libby Johnson: background vocals; Jon Dryden: B3 wurlitzer piano; Steve Rossiter: organ; Max Nordheim: keyboards; Jacob Lawson: violins  

Drive All Night was produced by Jeff Eyrich and was released on the BEPOP Records label. What happens when you are blessed with a great voice, but your creative juices need another outlet? You try writing poetry, you look at different types of prose, or you try different formats of song writing, but the result you are looking for is not there, and then you hit the jackpot and your heart pours out creativity and thus is born Kelly Flint's first solo release - Drive All Night. Crafted from the emotions and events that shaped her life, Drive All Night will touch you through its lyrics and arrangements.  Drive All Night contains fourteen tracks, of which Kelly wrote thirteen tracks and she sings lead on all fourteen.

The release starts strong with the track Blood and Bone, which has Kelly in perfect voice as she lays it on the line singing, "I was saved by my friends, and by ladies, and by babies, this is home, blood and bone." Blood and Bone would have equally fit as the last song on this release as this sums up the strength of friends, special ladies, and her family, which are the people in her life that propel her onward. Kelly's arrangement is powerful, and coupled with her vocals we are rewarded with a song that will become a fan favorite for years to come.

Tragic events not only shape our lives but they sometimes define us, and with the title track, Drive All Night this was never more true. Drive All Night was written about, and is dedicated to, a very dear friend who was also an inspirational force for Kelly when she was starting out as a singer; we may well have this wonderful person to thank for the person whom Kelly is today. Upon her friend's untimely passing at the tender age of 17 years-old, Kelly and another friend drove all night as they searched for answers, and from this vivid memory comes an emotional, compelling, and poignant arrangement.

The track Cartoon tosses some humor at how we sometimes prejudge a situation, and with our creative imagination, we may develop a scenario that fits better in a cartoon than in reality. The Tracks The Letter, 1974, Cartoon, Never Unless, Bottle Rocket, Alchemy, and Song to My Soldier are arrangements where you feel you are listening to Kelly sitting at home, relaxed, strumming away, and singing her songs; the instrumental sections are an echo to her vocals.  

Drive All Night is direct and to the point with no hidden meanings; her ability to move between a folksy style and a pop format is fresh, and the sound is emotive. 

Websites where you can procure Drive All Night are BEPOP Records, CD Freedom, and Amazon.

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