Spencer Durham - Much More Than Words
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Spencer Durham - Much more Than WordsSpencer Durham has a voice, phrasing, and sound that resonates the rock and blues of the 70's and 80's, and he is only eighteen years old. 




Spencer Durham - Much More Than Words    

Much More Than Words: Without a Doubt, Scared of the Door (Run-Around), The Fog, Evil Hearted Woman, Three O'clock in the Morning, Super Like a Nova, Daydream, Something Amazing, The Traveler, Floodwater, Understanding, She Doesn't Know   

Personnel: Spencer Durham: acoustic guitar, vocals; Davis Causey: electric guitar; Mike Hines: electric guitar, harmony vocals; Gerry Hansen: drums, shakers, tambourine, dhumbek, tablas, triangle, ankle bells; Michael C. Steele: bass; Randall Bramblett: organ, keyboards    

Cavender Castle Entertainment and Burnside Distribution released Spencer Durham - Much More Than Words. Eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter/musician Spencer Durham is ready to take on the music world. This multi-talented musician plays six-string and twelve-string acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar, harmonica, bass, keyboards, and various percussion pieces, and possesses a presence and sound well beyond his years. Spencer wrote 11 tracks and co-wrote the 12th track on Much More Than Words; this is his second release (his first release was I Wonder Why when he was 15-years-old).  

Spencer has a voice and phrasing that resonates the rock and blues vocals of the 70's and 80's, and a sound that recalls The Band, Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Neil Yong and Crazy Horse, and James Taylor; he is rooted in a time when the music was rich, deep, tight, and the lyrics carried a sense of feeling and meaning.

The opening track Without a Doubt leaves you knowing that ‘without a doubt' this is a talent to be reckoned with; the arrangement is a very solid rock melody, with progressive chord changes. The track Scared of the Door slows it down a bit and focuses on Spencer's lyrics as he arranges the song around the organ and harmonica, which are a great fit for the message and tone of his lyrics. The track The Fog continues his use of a different set of instruments, (slide guitar, ankle bells, tablas, and triangle) to produce a tone that enhances not only the sound, but enhances the richness of his voice and his lyrics.   

The tracks, She Doesn't Know and Something Amazing, are just Spencer and his guitar; the lyrics are especially strong and meld with the acoustic guitar licks and Spencer's vocals.

Evil Hearted Woman, Three O'clock in the Morning, The Traveler, and Understanding are great blues/rock songs where Spencer has arranged the songs to bring in his strong accompaniment of backing musicians providing a full band sound.     

Super like a Nova and Floodwater roll with a steady rock-n-roll tempo cutting in some great electric and acoustic guitar licks; Super like a Nova has great harmonies behind Spencer's vocals.  

Daydream is a track with a pop style; the song is paced by Spencer on guitar and Randall Bramblett on keyboards. This is a heartfelt song showing the diversity and depth of Spencer's arrangements and songwriting.  

Look for more from Spencer Durham, as this talent is positioned for the future.

Websites where you can procure Much More Than Words are CD Baby, and iSound; downloads are available at Spencer Durham 

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